Entre 2 eaux

Hold your breath, Chiara and Nero are taking you on a journey that will shake the laws of gravity up

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Entre 2 eaux

<p><em>At the beginning, there were two complementary beings, so different and so close.&nbsp;Entre2eaux is an ode to life, to death, to encounter.&nbsp;</em></p> <p>Imagine a world where all kind of movement could be possible. A loss of marks.&nbsp;</p> <p>Imagine a music, soft , light and thrilling, smooth motion.</p> <p>Imagine a world without gravity. An elegant dance underwater. Hold your breath.&nbsp;</p> <p>Many reflections, a brotherly love story between to people in levitation, a relationship as deep as it can be shallow .&nbsp;Two individuals meeting each other in the middle of the void, the origin to discover each other and create together a balance, a fusion.&nbsp;</p> <p>An atmosphere in the dark, spotlight on the two characters just below the water surface. The reflection&nbsp;&nbsp;creates the illusion, we could believe the characters dance on the water.&nbsp;</p> <p><em><strong>Entre2eaux</strong></em>&nbsp;is a dreamlike testimony of&nbsp;&nbsp;two beings destined to meet.&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Thanks to your participation, help the launch of this project imbued with poetry, mixing artistic and athletic performance.&nbsp;</p> <p>The funds raised will cover the costs for the production of this project. ( logistics and labor)</p>




  • 13 contributions
Your name will appear in the credits



  • 20 contributions
A souvenir postcard from the movie



  • 16 contributions
A nice poster signed by the movie cast and crew

Behind the scene video


  • 24 contributions
You'll receive a Behind the scene video and a souvenir album

Introduction to free diving


  • 6 contributions
You'll discover Sofiane's passion, the world of freediving and the wonders of underwater life

Underwater photo shooting


  • 1 contribution
Caroline will share with you her artistic sensibility while making you experience an underwater photo shooting

Workshop walk and dance underwater for 2


  • 1 contribution
Caroline and Sofiane invite you with a close one to discover the world of the film, to move and be moved underwater regardless of your level. This workshop will immerse you in an unusual wolrd that you won't forget. Workshop of 2-3 hours to be set up depending on the geographical location ( near Marseille) , in the Meditterranean sea if planned in summer, in a swimming pool if planned in winter Sofiane is a freediving instructor with the national certificate BPJEPS Freediving Caroline is a BEESAN swimming instructor certificate and former high-level athlete in synchronised swimming.

1-Day Workshop of Dance underwater, walk underwater/Photos


You want to learn how to walk right under the water surface or learn tips to stay underwater and dance how you see fit. Caroline and Sofiane are proposing a day dedicated to freeing the underwater movement, with a Janzu relaxation and pictures taken underwater. A moment for 4 , between friends or family that you won't forget

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