Pallasca: Illustrated Andean Heritage

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Pallasca: Illustrated Andean Heritage

The crowdfunding project

Contributing artists : Léontine, Missy, Alys and Julien

These talented artists have given their time and work to create 52 illustrations based on typical characters, objects, traditions and natural resources of the province of Pallasca that we share with you as 4 gifts:

Postal Cards:

Embroidered frames 

54 Card Deck 


17cm x 17cm, 4 different styles, detailed illustrations, presentation of each artist, presentation of the Pallasca Community, the stories behind each image (in French and Spanish), surprises inside.

This product will be unlocked only if we attain the first objective of 2600EUR.


Equitable Connections


In 2018, we started working with the Province of Pallasca, a rural community in the Peruvian Andes 800 km from Lima. Based on the premise that local, historical and cultural identity is a community's first resource for their development, we have observed a decline and loss of this wealth. This is illustrated by several things:

We have begun to raise awareness among the local inhabitants, especially the new generation, of the importance of preserving their heritage. To this end, we have familiarized them with the collection and organization of information and the use of digital tools that this community could use in a near future in order to develop activities related to alternative tourism.

Our goal: to open the way to an economically and ecologically sustainable activity.

The continuation of the project consists in the production of a documentary that will present potential cultural routes built in collaboration with local actors.


Allocation of funds

The purpose of this campaign is to finance the production of the documentary on the Province of Pallasca, which will begin in April 2020.

Objective 1: 2600 EUR ( 8% of the amount collected is retained by the platform)

- Will allow the manufacture of products

Products available for the first level: Classic postcards, embroidered frames and 54 card deck

Objective 2: 7000 EUR (8% of the amount collected is retained by the platform)

- Retribution for the work of artists (30% of artbook sales)

- Half of the funding needed for the workshops and the documentary in 2020 (total estimated amount of 6000 EUR. We intend to finance 3000EUR with this campaign).

Products available for the second level: Classic and risography postcards, embroidered frames, card games and artbook.


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