Espace événementiel au coeur de la Roseraie Les Chemins de la Rose

Help Floriane and Guillaume to create an event space, to make festive moment at the heart of the rose garden of Anjou.

Project visual Espace événementiel au coeur de la Roseraie Les Chemins de la Rose
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Espace événementiel au coeur de la Roseraie Les Chemins de la Rose

Who are we ?

So, we introduce ourselves, Floriane, 32 yo and Guillaume 35 yo. We are married, but Floriane have not changed her family name because her maiden name is the same as her married name. Incredible, no?

The rose world is not arrived accidentally in our couple. Guillaume is the son of a rose specialist and have launched a sale of rosebush and a fresh roses petal online. Floriane, her, likes, receive beautiful roses from her husband!


The rose garden

We have taken the rose garden – the Roads of Rose over, situated in Doué-la-Fontaine in Anjou (49), in 2014. The rose garden has opened in 1999, real conservatory with its 10 000 rosebushes. It’s Pierre and Louis who created this garden with the help of the father of Guillaume. Pierre had a great aim in life but the animals of his zoo take him back to his origins.

The garden underwent various modifications: planting rosebush and other plants, cleaning the garden, piercing, sanding, painting, scarping… all this work in pictures.


The future event space






Fairly spoken, we let you discover an overview of the visit…



This exceptional garden of 4 hectares hosts the visitors from May to September.

Floriane sees to the visitor reception, to the shop, to the food service and the guided tour.

Guillaume takes charge of the gardener team, the rosebush sale and he passed a lot of time in the lawnmower…


What is suggest there ?


     - A self-tour throught a thematic route



- A rosebush sale from our production




     - A food service: with local and fresh products combine with wine from the Val de Loire .




     - The shop with its products and flavours of rose





     - Animations, conferences, unusual tour in 2 CV...





2017 Spring Celebration of plants


Inauguration of the Rose Thelma®  with Carole Tolila and Thomas Isle - 4th of June 2017


And a lot of other things...

But we need an event space, solicit by the customers.


                                         The project

Our marriage took place in gorgeous place in the bank of the Loire. We know the expectations of the bride and groom or event organiser: place of receipt with character, easy access, which can welcome approximately 100 guests…

The idea was born when Madeline and Xavier asked to organize their vin d’honneur (a part of the French marriage) take place in the rose garden. Just one place was possible: the big Arbour. We have welcomed a hundred persons for a festive moment, with small oven, rose cocktail and musicians.




Other ones have asked for pictures in the garden and to make this day unbelievable.

Then, a demand from the family to organize a celebration for 50 years old, bring us to launch this project.


We want to create this event space for an independent renting of the garden, for private or professional event able to welcome 100 persons under reception tent and outside. This space will be incorporated in the garden to have a fabulous setting.


What is already bought and made ?

The first work and purchase have cost  13500 €

First Step: The environment has been created (4800€) 



Second step: two reception tents with an area of 140m² had been bought and assemble (4500€)




Third step: About the floor, we want cover the floor with artificial turf, inside of the tents, it had been bought as well as a future dance floor in wood, to assemble.  (2500€)



Fourth step: the tables and the chairs had been bought  (1700€)




Fifth step: the most important step... It's your turn the KissBankers!!



press review

Vues sur Loire : Les Roses d'Anjou - the 2nd of May 2015


Au : Guillaume DITTIERE, rose garden owner of the Roads of Rose in Doué-la-Fontaine explain to us the history of this english garden.  




Allocation of funds

To give life to the project, we need …

43 500€


With the first 13 500€, we repay the cost incurred.

With the following 10 000€, we will create electrical system, the purchasing of lamp for inside and outside, the creating of a terrace. (Autumn 2017)



With 10 000€ more, we will buy a tent for the caterers, standards dry toilets, outside materials for the receptions (benches, chairs, high bar tables,…) (Winter 2018)




With 10 000 € more, we will make a landscape of rosebushes in the whole space! Planting various plants, make a separation of the event space and the rose garden tour, layout of the parking… (Autumn 2017 to Winter 2018)


So the objective is :

-          10.000 €, the minimal

-          20.000€, the noticeable

-          30.000€, the comfortable

-          43.500€, THE MOON objective

If the MOON objective is achieved:

-          We will send a lot of kiss to each of you.

-          Our banker will be more relaxed!!

Make sure to pass unbelievable moment in this rose garden!


SARL Flogui will receive all the kisskissbankbank collect.

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Estimated delivery: May 2018

Merci + la location de l'espace événementiel pour 'un vin d'honneur' (4h de location, sous réserve de disponibilité) + 1 rosier en parrainage dans la roseraie. Thnak you + a rental of the event space for a "vin d'honneur" (4 hours of rental, subject to availability) + 1 rosebush, in the rose garden, will bear your name as a thank-you for their generosity.
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