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Estelle Mey premier CD (EP)

Hello , my name is Estelle Mey , I am 22 years old and I am author, composer and singer.

Maybe you had already seen me at Nouvelle Star 2015 or during my concerts , or through my music video "Pulsion" that you can find on You Tube.





If I do what crowdfunding today is because I need you to continue to evolve in my professional career .

Indeed to advance to the next level would require me to produce my first EP ( CD with a few songs shorter than an album) . This is to help me finance it that I created this crowdfunding




"Why this EP?"


Being on stage and share moments with the audience through my music , that's what I want to do with my life . That is why this EP is crucial for me. It will allow me to apply in a more efficient manner concert halls , festivals, radio stations , web radios and also to make me known .











"What will be on the EP?"


I would like to make a CD , an EP of 5 tracks + 1 bonus track .

I have already chosen the songs I want this CD , the song Pulsion will be present as well as four new songs plus a revisited song , unpublished . I already played most of these songs in concert but I never had the chance to finalize them.



You may find some lives and demos on SoundCloud .

( Only Pulsion appear on the EP , with perhaps another (surprise ) , bonus track ) 4 other titles of the EP are not on the net.






"How can I help?"


To participate I've done for you 11 levels ranging from € 2 to € 2000 ( I do have the right to believe in Santa Claus right? : D). For each new levels, new gifts you will be awarded 

Everything is detailed below cons (just above) :







Allocation of funds


The € 3,500 will fund the CD (5 tracks) , from recording titles to CDs pressings . I am lucky to work for this project BIRD STUDIO Samuel Balmas in Ardèche.



Expenses's details :









Work against the clock:



It is very important to reach this level of € 3500 before Saturday, October 4, 2015 .

-In The case of the level is not reached ( by the deadline ) I will not touch any money , the project goes under so I will even not be able to record 1 title  (though you are fully reimbursed) .

-In The cade of the level of € 3,500 is exceeded this is what I do for money :






This would require us to collect 3,500 euros so I can show you my new songs and ideally 5000 euros in order to really be able to launch my EP




Limited duration


This is October 5 that will end on crowdfunding , it is important to participate before that date. Crowdfunding will lasted 37 days . Why 37 days because I would like to make my launch concert on November 15 when I started my career. Explanation below:









"Vous pouvez rester immobile sur le flot des ondes, mais non sur le flot du monde.

-Proverbe Japonais


Whatever happens I can not wait to introduce you to my new compositions and new texts and my hope from my heart that together we will manage !!!


All donations count for we get to collect € 3,500 before October 5, 2015 .

I count on your support, your participation and talk about it around you . Do not hesitate to abuse the « share button » to send the link crowdfunding per message or talk to each conversation with friends or work colleagues : D!






Let's meet the November, 15 for the final verdict otherwise we'll meet at some gigs, concerts, or on the web (click here) FacebookYouTubeSoundcloudTwitter or Instagram !






Thanks again !


Bisous bisous!




Choose your reward


A BIG Thank you
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-A big thank you + Fkyer
  • 5 backers


- Previous gift - + Digital CD
  • 31 backers


All previous gifts + CD + Badge (Pins of the EP) + magnetized sticker of the EP
  • 19 backers
  • Availability: 131/150


All previous gifts + One written song go the EP dedicated + Dedicated poster + Digital thanks
  • 14 backers
  • Availability: 136/150


All previous gifts + 2 tickets for the concert the November, 15th + Thanks on the jacket + T-shirt of the EP
  • 11 backers
  • Availability: 39/50


All Previous Gifts + Vinyl limited edition + A video for thank you, playing an acoustic song of the EP (you choose the song) + Thanks on stage during the concert
  • 3 backers
  • Availability: 12/15


All previous gifts + Dinner before concert offert by the artist
  • Availability: 5/5


Private show (not including displacement)) + One written and dedicated song of the EP,+ Dedicated poster + Thanks on the CD jacket, on stage an on web+ + CD + Badge (Pins of the EP) + magnetized Sticker of the EP +Dedicated flyer
  • Availability: 5/5


Private show (not including displacement) + Video of the private show (recorded by a professional) + This video will be used in a future Music video+ Vinyl limited edition +A video for thank you, playing an acoustic song of the EP (you choose the song) +Thanks on the CD jacket, on stage an on web+ 2 tickets for the concert (15 November) + CD + Badge (of the EP)+ magnetized sticker (of the EP)+ dedicated flyer + T shirt (of the 'EP)
  • Availability: 3/3


All previous gifts + A song will be written just for you, on the theme of your choice. + Recording of this song +We'll send you a CD of this song +This song will be on the next album
  • Availability: 1/1

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