EthicDuo aims to fill in the gap between two environments that are far from each other: the business and associative worlds.

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The idea? To set up long term partnerships between businesses and organisations around a shared objective. Even though it is simple, it is not often put into practice. Businesses and organisations do not know each other and therefore suspicious. As it occupies the role of intermediary, EthicDuo monitores and administrates neutraly, hence making it easier to reach such complex partnerships.


Working together to increase the benefits:


> Businesses can finally concretize their CSR desires through field projects. By this mean, they improve the brand awareness and develop collaborators.

>  NGOs increase their impact and set up durable activities.

>  Employees actively and practically transform their beliefs into actions and increase the meaning of their work.

> Close local actors’ performances can enhance.






Found by the crowd? Sounds obvious as EthicDuo is a project by and for all.

Allocation of funds

EthicDuo is finally ready! It is time to gather first cash flows, in order to crouch supporting people and to confronting my idea to a broader public. If the amount of 3000 euros is reached, it does not only asset support to this project but would also allow me to trigger my trial programme.



This programme is necessary – it will be sold to the first client at a lower cost but be delivered over a longer period. The goal of this it is to create standard processes (such as internal organisation or legal framework) and to reach the expected efficacy.


Is needed to get this trial programme trigerred:


- Softwares (500€)

- Communication costs (300€)

- Fees (600€)

- Company’s set up (1000€)

- Furnitures (600€)


My initial installation costs are expecting to be around 25 000€. This nest egg of 3000€ will also be an interesting additive lever.


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