My ZebraBook is launching a new personalised book for your little ones : "The European tour". Help us to finish it !


The project

Tour of Europe will be My ZebraBook’s third personalised book.





This time Louise, Basile, Emma, Thomas....and finally; your child will be the hero or heroine of a big trip across Europe in search of the 26 letters of the alphabet. On their quest, they will need to plant tulips in The Netherlands, wind Swiss cuckoo-clocks, save a baby stork in Poland, drink tea in the proper way with the Queen of England, comfort a little Romanian vampire, etc…


Beyond teaching your little one to read, this magical and unique book will take them on a journey across Europe as they courageously rise to all manner of funny challenges.


The Team:

Writted by Mrie Thibaut de Maisieres and Illustrated by the talented Florence Weiser. 






So eco-friendly: our books are made in Belgium on FSC certified paper. We offset all of our CO2 emissions.


So funny: as parents ourselves, we know that children’s books can a little less enthralling for parents than for kids. ‘Tour of Europe’ by My ZebraBook is guaranteed to be as funny for the old as it is for the young.


So intellectual: Tour of Europe, written following extensive (and very scientific) research, the book has been proof-read by parents across Europe to check and re-check that the anecdotes about each country are genuinely true !


So gender-neutral : In children’s literature, men and women are often stereotyped : mummies are in the kitchen, and daddies are at the office (which is obviously cool too but it shouldn’t be limited to just that). In our book, there will also be football-champion girls, female lorry-drivers and fisherwomen, boys who are sad, and men who cook and look after birds. In short : awesome opportunities for children to see that girls and boys can do any job or activity.




My ZebraBook

We are a personalised children’s book publishing company. We make unique, tailor-made books which tell your little darlings’ story. Our first is an animal story; the second, a story introducing all sorts of jobs. We sold 8,500 books last year.



Why fund it?

The text of the book is already complete but we need funding to finish the design and lay-out, to create the algorithm needed for the personalisation of each book, and to integrate this into our website :


We still have to pay:   6000 euro drawings 2000 euro layout 4000 encoding algorithm 4000 web integration   2000 euro English translation Euro 2000 Dutch translation   Or 20 000 euro! Thank you!!!   KisskissBangbang take 8% of the fundrasing but some savings!






Marie Thibaut de Maisières, author and editor of children’s books. My ZebraBook editions sell unique, tailor made books, over Europe to thousands of thrilled little customers each year (8500 last year. Wow.) Our books are informative, hard-wearing, attractive, ethical, and above all very funny ! Each book is made in Belgium and bound by hand. The... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Nous livres sont vraiment uniques?

Parfaitement uniques! Fabriqué sur mesure pour chacun de nos petits clients.

+ A quel âge peut-on lire les My Zebrabook?

Notre livre des Animaux est génial pour les petits: 0 à 4 ans et demi environ
Notre livre des Talents est super pour les moyens : 4 à 8 ans.
Le tour d'Europe sera parfait de 3 à 10 ans.

Dans tous les cas, nos livres personnalisés sont de supers beaux objets et donc sont des cadeaux de naissance qui friment vraiment.

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