Expo PROFILE SPLENDA par Vincent Malléa

For the 3rd Anniversay of the PROFILE SPLENDA art-portraits label, these are the key points of the event I would like to organise.

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Expo PROFILE SPLENDA par Vincent Malléa



PROFILE SPLENDA is a label of "folk-art portraits" launched in 2010 , inspired by both the glam pictures of actors from the golden age of Hollywood and systematization of colorful pop art.

Each portrait is prepared and carried out with the help of its sponsor : it is the product of the direct relationship of the sponsor to the artist, and because it escapes any intermediary, it is a work of art both inexpensive and affordable.




A portrait PROFILE SPLENDA is a colorized portrait, made with ​color palette, mounted in several layers of collage on a 65x65cm board, completed in pencil and marker paint and varnish. Each painting is a unique, original, signed, dated on the edge, and numbered.


For 3 years, many french celebrities and artists like Laurent Lafitte, Michael Gregorio and Jean -Luc Verna , have trusted Vincent Malléa.  PROFILE SPLENDA is first of dozens of paintings made at the request of individuals wishing to immortalize in an original and inimitable way,  a period of their lives, like their children or happiness of a couple . PROFILE SPLENDA is also more than 700 Facebook users subscribed to the notebook-fanpage , 3 album-covers , a collaboration with the famous Parisian tattooist Abraxas for the ABRAXAS SPLENDA series and orders shipped overseas.



     Following are key points of the 3rd Anniversay Event I would like to organise :


1. A two weeks exhibition at the Oberkampf Gallery : bringing together a large selection of portraits  - most of which would be brought by their owners, as well as in-situ pictures of the other portraits, with their owners posing next to.

2. To make this exhibition a true moment of creation, a 'SPLENDA set' will take place  at the back of the gallery, ready for those who came dressed-up for the occasion, to have their portrait captured by Vincent Malléa.

3. For this occasion, Vincent Malléa will make print a beautiful and very well-made catalog containing all the portraits and the elements of mémorabilia such as working elements, closups or even stages of manufacturing.










Allocation of funds


Here are the main expenses requiring funding :


• 2 weeks Gallery rental:                                                                            € 2,100

• Manufacturing of 100 catalogs:                                                              € 2,000

• Printing of postcards/invitations + by-products :                                  €   500

• Shipping, Hanging,Orgasation private viewing

+ miscellanious expenses of organization and collision:                    € 1,400


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