Exposition - Cachemiris, Instantanés d'un peuple à l'avenir incertain

Support the photographic exhibition "Kashmiris: Snapshots of people facing an uncertain future", which will take place in Paris in May.

Project visual Exposition - Cachemiris, Instantanés d'un peuple à l'avenir incertain
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Exposition - Cachemiris, Instantanés d'un peuple à l'avenir incertain

After working for several years in an office, I decided to embrace a radical change in my lifestyle through my first big trip in 2015. In search of encounters and adventures, I discovered my passion for photography through the incredible human interactions that I was able to create with my camera. I have since chosen to focus on photography and especially portraits of people, made in their real and immediate environment.Traveling alone, I try to immerse myself as much as possible in the countries I cross and the populations I meet in order to have a look as objective as possible on the experiences that I live.




It was during one of those travels that I discovered Kashmir. its high valleys, its cultural heritage and above all its inhabitants with their incomparable hospitality, despite their living conditions marked by a conflict that takes place on their territory since 1947.

I felt quickly attached to this region and its inhabitants and I left Kashmir with the need to know more about its culture and a strong will to share the fruits of this experience.
So I chose to return to Kashmir a second time to better understand the way of life of this people who tries to preserve their identity although living in a buffer zone, theater of strategic maneuvers and clashes between two brothers enemies: India and Pakistan.

To tell about my encounter with Kashmir, I want to organize a photographic exhibition through the prism of its inhabitants. The exhibition will resume a selection of portraits of Kashmiris in their daily lives and reflecting the sense of wisdom of a people who, although suffocated, refuses to let go and lose its cultural identity.



The FGO Barbara cultural center in Paris offers me the opportunity to exhibit this selection in May 2018 in its premises, with a free access for everyone, which allows me to include this exhibition in an approach that holds me to heart: make culture accessible to all.

The exhibition will be visible from May 8 to June 3 at the FGO Barbara Cultural Center in Paris.

Allocation of funds

The fundraising will be used for printing and laminating 14 prints on exhibition support :

- 12 prints 50x75cm / lamination  = 930 euros

- 2 prints 60x90 cm / lamination  = 264 euros

Total = 1.194 euros TTC

(Against sticking on Dibon / Alu plate)

- Hooks


Thank you for your support in the implementation of this project that is really important to me and that has already asked me a strong personal and financial investment.
If the collection exceeds the amount requested, I will be able to add other prints to the exhibition and improve the scenography with more sophisticated and aesthetic hooking systems.

Antoni Lallican will receive the entire collection

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