Help us to realize our exhibition project to the Alliance française of Quito, in Ecuador !!!

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The collective In Extremis is composed of eleven young artists of Beaux Arts de Montpellier and Paris :


Nicolas Aguirre, Marine Grabiel, Marion Lisch, Pierre Peres, Emile Copello, Geoffrey Badel, Quentin L’helgouac’h, Chloé Viton, Eva Mulleras, Ekiem Barbier, Félix Mazard gather for a project of exhibition.


We created this association in January 2016 with the aim of creating different work shops and multicultural exchanges art events.

We will develop our research in order to work together, improving our knowledge and individual practices.










What ?



From A to B is a project that will be part of an exhibition that will take place for the first time at the gallery Alliance française in Quito, Ecuador. The project will be presented in a later exhibition in France at the Alliance Française of Montpellier.


The project have a time frame from the moment we arrive to the residence of the artist Yolanda Cardenas, in Quito. During our stay in the house of the artist we will develop different workshops and link with people of the neighborhood.


The exhibition is thought like a bridge from France to Ecuador by water or air... Like tracing a line from a point to another. The meetings will enable us to nourish an already started reflection. The travel is an 

Ideas will conceptualized in France and then realized in equator.


We thought of the second life of the second life of the art works : they will be exchanged, given, recycled, will be integrated into public spaces or in natural environnement, according to their various characteristics.





       Alliance française of Quito






During 1er to 31 aout 2016


We will arrived to Quito at the beginning of August 2016 for a month. During our stay in Quito we will design different work shops and prepare for the exhibition. T

he opening will be on the 31st of August until the end of September.


August is the ‘Month of art’ in Quito. During this period different cultural event, exhibitions and workshops will be held around the city. This will be an opportunity to open our doors and also meet with the different artists.






Opening in collaboration with La Floresta Art event, Quito








The exhibition will be at the 'Alliance française', Quito-Ecuador


Our residence will be in the atellier of Yolanda Cardenas; in the downtown, an area with art and culture

The residence is equipped with etching and ceramic spaces.





Residence, Neighborhood of la Floresta, Quito






For make this project came true, we need different materials, to build installations, like tools, multimedia, and graphisme materials.



We set up partnerships:


With the asssociation De La Floresta, which is the link between the neighborhood, the artists who lives there and us. 


Novapan, is a wood entreprise which will give us raw materials in exchange of a art work at the end of the exhibition. 






In the futur, we will organized a exhibition in France that will help us to have an other approach of what we lived and created in Equador. 


This new approach will takes consideration the idea that we can't bring any of our art works.

That involves the fact that we will translate our works in a other way : transforming sculptures in video or photos for exemple.


The principal goal of this exhibition is the question of context.


We will film all the different parts of creation in the residence. That will be the occasion to share  and transmit our experience of work and creation in another country, and the link that we developed with art community and residents of Quito


Allocation of funds

The funds will be an important financial support either for equipment or for expenses of transportation and daily life !


We need 20 500€  :


- Production costs (material : paper, clay, metal, multimédia, painting, lighting, tools ...) (5 500€) 


- Freight charges : Plane ticket (11 000€) 


- Life expenses (3 500€) 


- fees for the returns exhibition in France (1 500€)



In case of the amount of money sollicited is bigger, it will be use for a better quality of the creation !                                         




                                              PROJECT BUDGET «FROM A TO B»










                            Here are the pictures of our silkscreens  for counterparties :









 More informations on Facebook : Le Collectif In Extremis







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