Exposition: Le XIXème Cycle

For my first personal exhibition in September I am turning to you to help me produce my creations.

Project visual Exposition: Le XIXème Cycle
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Exposition: Le XIXème Cycle

Who I am?


Being very active in 2010 in the movements of net-art I had the opportunity to be exposed in the collective exhibitions around the world and the chance to meet great artists and friends. In September, this is my first exhibition and it is a great happiness to offer my work to you.





The gallery Le pavé d'Orsay offered me a month of residence to create my exhibition which will be opened to the public at the beginning of September. 


For this exhibition which is called XIXème Cycle, 19th Cycle in English, Le pavé d'Orsay asked me to develop my work of digtal art on the glitch. The glitch is a digital error, the bug of the image. I decided to develop this esthetics about the 19th century to put in parallel the industrial and digital revolution.




Presentation of the project :


This exhibition of digital art, entitled " 19th Cycle " offers to observe the digital revolution through the historic prism of the industrial revolution and the post-industrialism. 

Indeed, this last term is used in sociology to define the transformation of our society of a secondary economy, based on the transformation of raw material, in a tertiary said service society. This society of the service is the one of the digital one and as was it the advent of the industry, it is perceived as a revolution. It is a context of a deep transformation of the lifestyles, a context of technological transformation, a episteme.


The will to observe the parallel between these epistemes comes from the empirical report that the world of the art is transformed as it was transformed in 19th century. We can feel that in this period there was a return towards a stable, known art. The time of the industry turned to the Gothic art, as the Renaissance  turned to the art of the classical antiquity. In France, it is the time of Viollet Le Duc and his " ideal le pavé d'Orsaycathedral ", of the English industrial cities, the return of the Gothic arch(broken bow), the architectural ornamentation, "the iron lace", it is the Neo-Gothic.




In a parallel to the theorization of the post-industrialism, the 70s see the reappearance of a strong cultural movement, those whom we name(appoint) "The" Gothic. Metal music in earsphones and video games in hands, amateurs of dragons and bloody legends, the taste for the Middle Age is well back and it absorbed the era of the virtual. Geek, Gothic, neerd, no life, so many pejorative terms to describe a subculture of the end of the XXth century which is today considered as a pop one. The fans of Star Wars, Donjon and dragons, Lords of rings, the amateurs of mangas, video games, are today, developer, coders, TV commentators, youtubeurs... they represent a real sphere of influence of the society, they are fashionable; those people who like the past. So, never the mustache, the fitted coat and the round glasses were never so trendy, it is even so hipster, stream-punk, the top of the trend. The fashion industry seized this trend and we see suits decorated with flowers, the motives in the taste of the former tapestries, La Belle Epoque is reinvented on the catwalks, the 19th century is furiously contemporary.




It is in this context of a deep movement that this idea of exhibition " XIXth Cycle " was born, the history repeats ceaselessly as they say, but here the context is a deep transformation which we really feel. The digital and the virtual transform the man and the terms of the virtual anthropology, of the post-digital, make us become aware of the transformation which we hardly begin to feel. The XXIth century will be postindustrial and will feast on a childhood souvenir by inventing a 2.0 outmoded style.

Allocation of funds

To create this first exposition I need you!




Photos, frames, the 360° video, it is quite costy and alone I am not able to do this exposition that I am willing to offer you.


The gallery Le pavé d'Orsay is rather spacious and I will need to produce approximately 15 works to fill it, 200 euros per photo edition. 


If this campaign really pleases you and if you support me I would be delighted to make you dream with a video of the virtual reality. For it I have to call on to a 3D graphic designer and the rent of the material will cost 1000 euros.   


And well there are all these presents which I am going to offer you to thank you for your support! But that it is really for free!!!!





I will keep you informed of my daily progress during the August workshop that we will live together. And I already invited you to meet us the 1st and 8th September for two openning of this XIXeme Cycle exhibition !! See you soon !!


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