F'été des Cultures 2017 !


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F'été des Cultures 2017 !



Gathering and creating links between people who only rarely get into contact in their daily lives: Those who only recently came to France, had to flee their countries, who bring other languages ​​and cultures and those who are part of the host community. On July 22 we will celebrate together, people from different cultures with their games and activities, their different styles of music, their meals, their stories and their laughter. The aim is to build bridges between the refugees and their host society to live together, for cultural enrichment, in a process of sensitization to deconstruct the prejudices against asylum.




There will first be a Market of Cultures where big and small children can participate in games and activities of various countries and cultures. We will enjoy concerts by musicians of all kinds of cultures and styles. In the end there will be a large shared picnic - bring your specialties, your favorite dishes, we will take provide the drinks!  




We are a team of independent young people of different origins: Julie, Wiebke, Rabie, Freyja, Sylvie, Franklin and Margarete. After a first successful party, the SINGA Fête du Nouvel An, that we organized all together we have lust for a repetition!  We share the enthusiasm and the idea of ​​creating a unique event with you! PLEASE HELP US TO MAKE IT REAL AND RECEIVE NICE LITTLE PRESENTS IN RETURN, origamis, haribos, Arab courses and beer tasting sessions! WE LOOK FORWARD TO CELEBRATING WITH YOU!




Allocation of funds

The crowdfunding will be used to buy drinks, give small salaries to the musicians, rent music equipment and reimburse the expenses of the volunteers who will be in charge of the different stands on our Market of Cultures! 200 Euros for the musicians, 100 Euros for the material costs on the Market of Cultures, 100 Euros for the music equipment and 100 Euros for the drinks.


Margarete Rocholl will receive the funds.

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