Fabriquons ensemble une éolienne low-cost

Help us finance and build a low-cost wind turbine of 1kW. The first prototype will be installed in a village in Madagascar.

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Fabriquons ensemble une éolienne low-cost



Building a low-cost wind-turbine made out of wood is possible! Help us buidling and testing the first model in Madagascar, a country where 95% of the population lack access to electricity. The adapted plans will then be available for anyone, anywhere in the world. A first prototype has been build by students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Today, they work with a Swiss-based NGO - CEAS. Together, we will set up the first wind turbine "made in Madagascar". But we want this low-cost wind-turbine to be available for anyone!


Built by local craftsmen, this wood-turbine is simple, strong and affordable. It will enable schools, hospitals and families to have access to a sustainable form of off-grid electricity.


Based on open source plans, this turbine will need material costing about 1500 Euros.




Do you want this prototype to become a reality? Jump in and together, we will generate clean, affordable energy for our children.


Did you know it?


7 out of 10 people

in Subsaharian Africa lack access to electricity.


30% of the health centers, and schools in Africa have to make do with no electricity at all.


8 out of 10 people in Africa use wood to heat their household and to cook.


Over 4 million people die prematurely from illness attributable to the household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels.



Access to sustainable energy sources for all is one of the key goals set by the UN.


Allocation of funds

We will first adapt and test a prototype based on the work of the team of prof. Abhari and Gawlikowska from the LEC lab based at the Swiss Federal Institute of technologies. Another model will then be built in Madagascar and set up in a rural village. Once perfected, the model will be shared with local craftsmen. It will also be shared online through the online plateform www.howtopedia.org.


The wood-turbine will then be ready to be built anywhere in Madagascar and in the world.


Your money will finance :


R&D 6'000.- Euros

The building of the first model in Madagascar 10'000.- Euro

The training of local craftsmen 3'000.- Euro


The remaining costs will be covered by our charity. In case we get more money, we will finance more wood-turbine for other villages in Madagascar. So go on, join us and together, let's create a wind of change!



In Madagascar, there are a number of villages that could benefit from wind turbines.


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