Faire revivre un Fort militaire abandonné

Join us in transforming an abandoned military fortress into a sustainability driven creative and cultural hotspot.

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Faire revivre un Fort militaire abandonné






Live from an abandoned military fortress, we welcome you to our crowdfunding campaign. We are Dom and Thomas, two passionate guys who together with many friends and volunteers have brought Recup Paris to life. Our mission is to Recover, Revive and Repeat. Recover materials and urban spaces, revive and transform these and repeat this process in order to increase our impact on a sustainable world.




We are based at Fort d’Aubervilliers, an abandoned military fortress just outside of Paris. This year, we have started reviving several derelict spaces and have built a community of creative people with whom we can transform this historical site into a sustainability driven creative and cultural hotspot.


In our spaces at the Fort, we make limited series of art from recovered waste materials. We also host public events and organise 'Fort experiences' to share this magical place with others.


We want to bring this project as close to you as possible and allow you and others to become part of this growing community that has a positive impact on people, communities and the environment. The art we make and the activities we organise at Fort d’Aubervilliers are an important way of financing this project.





Recup Paris operates at the intersection of art and sustainability and establishes linkages between these fields. We believe that culture, creativity and the arts are carriers of ideas and shape the way we see the world. They are capable of influencing our futures and help us imagine new and alternative responses to some of the world's most pressing problems.


Our ambition is to regenerate disused urban areas and inject a dream and new life into these places. We are inspired by cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London and New York where derelict areas have been revived to become hotspots for culture and creativity. Paris is the city of the arts and has an extremely rich cultural sector, yet the city is facing its own particular challenges in terms of sustainability and urban regeneration. There is a real need in Paris for sustainability and rebuilding communities.


Recup Paris is based at Fort d’Aubervilliers, an old military fortress built in 1843 and covering an area of 36 hectares.




At this unique heritage site we have renovated our first space (an old bunker, no.3 of a total of 24 bunkers), to be used as our atelier and headquarters. Step-by-step and learning as we went along, we worked every day for six months to redevelop the space. We used almost exclusively abandoned materials that we found on-site. This allowed us to prove our own concept: creating beautiful and useful spaces from recovered materials.




In our workshop, we have created our first art series based on recovered postal stamps, accompanied by hand crafted frames from reclaimed wood and organised a variety of social events including art exhibitions, workshops, themed parties and urban exploration tours.




We would like to finish the renovation of a second bordering bunker and the cleaning up of other areas of the Fort. These will become multi functional event spaces for us to host an increasing variety of activities including art expositions, music and theater performances, photo - and video shootings, team building events and workshops. In order to do that, we will need to expand our team to host these events as well as involve architects, experts and creative talents to take the next steps towards reviving the Fort.










Our objective is to transform Fort d’Aubervilliers into a breeding-ground for artists, creatives and local businesses who work on solutions for a sustainable world and for the organisation of public events. A place for creativity, opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit.


More specifically, together with partners including the site-owner, Grand Paris Amenagement, the municipality of Aubervilliers, the region of Île-de-France and current residents of the Fort, we are investigating the transformation of a larger heritage building and its adjacent outdoor space into an open space for hosting public events (the ‘event zone’). This will be combined with several sub-spaces that will serve as ateliers, meeting and co-working spaces. The guiding themes for all activities and programming are sustainability and creativity. Over the last few months we have established key relations with the different stakeholders and Recup Paris is the preferred partner for planning and animating these activities.


Events that are currently being considered include:


- Recurring festivals revolving around arts & crafts, music, theater and film;

- Expositions for local and visiting artists;

- Workshops, team-building events and educational activities;

- Markets for locally produced goods and flea markets.








Hello, we are Dom and Thomas, the co-founders of Recup Paris.




To a certain extent, the process of Recover, Revive and Repeat has happened with us privately. We both have spent our professional careers in the field of sustainability and climate change. After telling others what to do and how, we increasingly wanted to act sustainably and be change makers in the field. The urge to have a more direct and tangible impact grew each day. So when we discovered the fort, we gave up our day jobs and from that point on we knew that this was the place to combine our expertise on sustainability, our curiosity for art and our passion for the revival of urban spaces.


Since the launch of Recup Paris, we have added a whole list of skills to our CV including masonry, welding, glass cutting, plumbing, electricity, wood craft, French diplomacy and bureaucracy, framing, stamp sorting, stamp sticking, cartography, story telling, waste scouting, location and material sourcing to name a few.  


In the near future, we would like to add talented people to our team and grow our community; creative individuals that share our vision and want to make a real difference.




We have many people we need to thank for our journey so far. Without you all, none of this would have been possible. Thank you.


Grand Paris Amenagement (special thanks to Guillaume Clermont, Chloé Duval-Zack and Juliette Beziat). Our neighbour Michel and his loyal dog Manouche, Jean Michel Pradel-FraysseLaurence FavoryPippa Boothman, Alex Wood, Ednyfed Tappy, Marieke Winkel, Jan Faassen, Rebecca DanielsArnaud Borges, Bernard Viret, Audrey Rocher, Melanie DoreyLes Vernissages de Madame Lupin, Alexandre Lombard, Guillaume ValliGuillaume Fummi, Ghislain Joliot, Holly Foxtrot, Tyler Bryant, Marina Crea, P'tit BuildingGauthier RakotonirinaRozena Crossman, the Colombian crew, our loyal security guards at the fort (Béchir, Wague, Adama and Milos in particular), the countless volunteers (too many to name all but you know who you are) and last but not least our parents Jeannette Tappy and Bert and Marijke Winkel.




Allocation of funds



So we’ve got this far on our own. The spaces that we have renovated and the events we have organised at Fort d'Aubervilliers are our proof of concept. With your help we can take this project to the next level.


Reaching our initial target of 40.000€ will allow us to take the following steps:  




- 8.000€ Produce and deliver your rewards on time and respecting our high quality standards

- 17.000€ Completing the renovation of our second space in order to host and extend the variety of activities and events we can organise;

- 6.000€ Expanding the team with a talented person in the field of artistic direction, event organisation and communication;

- 5.000€ Improving the security and accessibility of the site, including fencing and signposting, to gradually welcome more visitors;

- 4.000€ Standard KissKissBankBank Administration fees

- To continue growing our community that will develop and transform the Fort into a sustainability driven community, arts and events space;


Going beyond our target will enable us to do something truly special here at Fort d'Aubervilliers. It will allow us to share this inspiring urban site with ever more people, to become a true hotspot for creativity, culture and sustainability. For this, we will need to continue investigating the feasibility of development, improve the range of facilities, diversify public events to be hosted in the hangar and to intensify our efforts in raising additional funds for the renovation and spatial configuration of this building (See what's next section above).


We envisage the following milestones for any additional funds raised beyond our initial target:




- 50.000€ Expanding the team with architects, experts and artists for the next step in preparing the revival of the Fort d'Aubervilliers.

- 60.000€ The cleaning-up and preparation of the open space next to the hangar (1000m2) and improving the accessibility of the Fort to the public .

- 70.000€ The purchase and renovation of two large shipping containers that serve as a (weather-tight) spaces to cater for the events and activities that will be organised here. The containers can be used for multiple purposes, including temporary artist residencies and co-working/meeting spaces.

- 80.000€ Create a permanent artist residency and collaborative workshop in a shipping container

- 90.000€ The organisation of  two larger-scale events in 2017 on this open-space. The funds will cover the preparation of and communication for these events. The events themselves are self-funding. We envisage events such as a open air cinema, live concerts, art festivals and markets.

- 100.000€ Set up a task force for a campaign to renovate the large hangar and create the new hotspot for arts, culture and sustainability (the estimated cost of renovation is in the order of 500.000€).










By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign you will become part of this growing community.


You will receive a unique and limited piece of our art, a piece of what we do, for you. Specially for this  campaign, we present limited series of hand-made maps from recovered and revived postage stamps, highly symbolic for what we stand for. We have maps of Paris and World Maps. Each map is unique. Each piece is original. Each map contributes to our mission. By contributing you will get a piece of our art, a piece of what we do for your wall.


We also offer the opportunity for you to come and experience the fortress yourself. For this we have assembled four unforgettable experiences at Fort d'Aubervilliers. Come and enjoy this inspiring site and be amazed by its size, history and potential!


Here is an overview of he rewards we propose. See the rewards section for all the detailed descriptions.






Maps have passed the test of time. For centuries, people have created and used maps to help define, explain, and navigate their way through the world. They symbolise travel, adventure, culture and celebrate human progress. Maps remind us of places we have been and dream of those we still want to see. They also influence our understanding of the world and make us realise that we, as citizens of this world, share a planet. 


Like maps, stamps are objects that are deeply intertwined with our past and represent many aspects of politics, art, travel, geography and communication. They are an original artistic medium and provide snapshots of culture, history and design. By combining map-making and philately we create unique art pieces. They are a vehicle for storytelling, inspiring people to reflect on the future of our planet.


For this campaign we offer limited series of maps made from recovered postage stamps. Stamps are an embodiment of Recup Paris - highly symbolic for what we stand for. We reuse old stamps and we revive them. Stamps are one of those rare objects that have survived the passage of time. 




We make all the rewards in our workshop at the Fort. We also offer a set of original greetings cards. Note that the rewards on the pictures are examples. Each art piece that we make is unique in its stamp composition and will differ from the pictures in the rewards section. Shipping costs for the map rewards are included.




We have assembled four unique and unforgettable experiences to bring the Fort as close as possible to you. We offer the following packages:


- The Fort Experience Tour: we open the gates for you to discover this otherwise closed site. You will get to see all the memorable spots and have plenty of opportunities to connect with new interesting people and take snapshots of this experience.


- The Fort Workshop: we open the doors to our HQ and facilitate a uniquely creative workshop. We will guide you through the process of making your own stamp-art. The Fort workshop includes the Fort Experience Tour.


- Host your Event at the Fort: we will organise your private event. Expect a unique event in one of our most attractive spaces.


- Fort d’Aubervilliers VIP Experience: we welcome you and a companion of your choice and accommodate you at the Fort for a unique weekend and truly memorable experience.



Choose your reward

For €1

Thank you! Little streams make for big rivers. Every bit helps. We will keep you updated about our journey via our newsletter. Includes secret footage of the Fort d'Aubervilliers and what we do here.
  • Backer: 1
  • Delivery January 2017

For €5

[Your name on our wall of fame] All support matters. To thank you, your name is included on a giant art piece celebrating everyone who supports us on our journey.
  • Backers: 12
  • Delivery January 2017

For €20

[Stampart Postcards] Because we have a thing for regular post and ‘old fashioned’ communication, we send you 3 original greeting cards: One from us to you, it's always nice to receive something in the mail. Let us put a smile on your face. Two to send to others so you can spread the smiles.
  • Backers: 11
  • Delivery February 2017

For €50

[World Map stamp-sheet] Limited (500) World Map Stamp-sheet series. The iconic world map sprayed onto a beautiful stamp-sheet. Get a piece of what we do for your wall and support us on our journey. Each stamp-sheet is different. Each map is unique. It will be delivered to you in a protective envelope and includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • Backers: 22
  • Availability: 478/500
  • Delivery March 2017

For €50

[The Fort Experience Tour] We would love to meet you and show you around Fort d'Aubervilliers. We open the Fort gates for you to discover this inspiring site. In groups of 50 we will take you on a special visit of this fortress. A tour filled with history, ruins, nature, art, hope and imagination. You will get to see all the most memorable spots and have plenty of opportunities to connect with new interesting people and take memorable snapshots of your experience. We want to open up the Fort to you and thank you for your support. Due to current site restrictions, groups will be capped at 50 and we will propose various dates and times for everyone to register. There will be plenty of opportunities to pick a date that suits you and to join the lucky few who have explored the Fort. The price is per person.
  • Backers: 5
  • Delivery April 2017

For €100

[The Fort Workshop] We open the doors to our atelier and host a creative workshop for you. We will guide you through the process of making your own stampart that you can take home with you. We will provide a generous lunch to fuel the creativity. Taking part will allow you to meet interesting people and get those creative juices flowing. The Fort Workshop includes the Fort Experience Tour. To make this a more intimate experience, each workshop will be capped at 25 participants so we will propose various dates and times for everyone to register. There will be plenty of opportunities to pick a date that suits you and to join the lucky few who have explored the Fort and make their own art from stamps. The price is per person
  • Backers: 6
  • Availability: 144/150
  • Delivery March 2017

For €150

[KissKissBankBank Backer Party] Let us throw a party for you here at the Fort to thank you for your support and to celebrate a successful campaign. Join this unforgettable party, here at the Fort. The evening will be entertained by various live performances from musicians and artists. It also includes a tour around the Fort. This will be a unique opportunity to meet our growing (backer) community and to connect with you in person. The price is per person. The date for the party is set to March 11th 2017.
  • Backers: 3
  • Availability: 147/150
  • Delivery March 2017

For €175

[Paris City Map] Limited (175) Paris City Map (40x30cm) handmade from recovered postage stamps from around the world. Each map is unique in its stamp composition, colour scheme or theme. Get a piece of what we do for your wall. Your art piece comes signed and with certificate of authenticity. Your map will be shipped to you anywhere in the world in a protective envelope. N.B. the map does not include a frame. Handmade wooden frames can be ordered separately in our online store.
  • Backers: 5
  • Availability: 170/175
  • Delivery April 2017

For €300

[Imagine Your World Map] Limited (100) Imagine Your World maps (70x50cm). Handmade from recovered postage stamps from around the world. Each map is unique in its stamp composition. We will customise the map with your name. Get a piece of what we do for your wall. Your art piece comes signed and with a certificate of authenticity. Your map is shipped anywhere in the world in a protective envelope. N.B. the map does not include a frame. Handmade wooden frames can be ordered separately in our online store.
  • Backers: 2
  • Availability: 98/100
  • Delivery April 2017

For €500

[Golden World Map] Limited (25) Golden Imagine Your World map (70x50cm). Handmade from golden vintage stamps that we recovered. We want you to dream, to think, to explore and ultimately to care about the world you live in. We will customise the map with your name. Your map will be framed in a handcrafted frame from recovered wood, is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Backers: 2
  • Availability: 23/25
  • Delivery March 2017

For €2,500

[Host your Event at the Fort] Let us organise your private event at the Fort. We’re excited to share our passion and spaces with you. Expect a unique event in one of our most attractive spaces. We are open for suggestions regarding the programme. So if you are looking for a location to organise for example your company event, a party or workshop, don't look any further! Your event will be for one day or evening and for up to 60 people. Catering and entertainment during the event is included. Our team will accompany you in making your event truly memorable. Dates are flexible and can be discussed with us.
  • Availability: 5/5
  • Delivery January 2017

For €5,000

[Fort d'Aubervilliers VIP Experience] We welcome you and a companion of your choice out to Paris and accommodate you at the Fort for a unique weekend and experience. Activities will include an extended URBEX tour of the military complex, a photo shoot in various unique spots, a creative workshop to make your very own Imagine Your World map to take home, a culinary (candlelight) dinner prepared for you in the most unusual setting and spending the night in a mesmerising space. You will also enter our honorary wall of fame, with your picture proudly hanging in our workshop. We can't wait to welcome you for this unique experience. Two nights with full board accommodation included at the Fort d'Aubervilliers. Travel expenses included from Europe only. We will compensate any flight from the rest of the world at EU ticket prices.
  • Availability: 3/3
  • Delivery April 2017

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