Protect nature in style with Fanatura T-Shirts

Protect nature in style with Fanatura T-Shirts

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Protect nature in style with Fanatura T-Shirts

Nature lovers and warriors: wear your commitment with pride!

Fanatura encourages you to assert your commitment to nature in style by wearing an illustration of your favourite species.

Our illustrations all have a great story behind them. It’s our job to tell you about them, and it’s up to you to share the stories: for each T-shirt sold, we’ll donate 20% of the profit to associations that strive to preserve biodiversity.

Why not join our community of nature ambassadors?


These works of art are truly fascinating. And we had to keep our standards sky high to make sure we could reproduce them accurately. Based in Portugal north of Porto, RDD Textiles is a pioneer of ethical and sustainable fashion. We met their creative director in Paris in late 2019. Francisco believed in our project and his entire team has been supporting us for over a year. Muito obrigado for your efforts, despite the difficult circumstances.

The decision to use organic cotton with the GOTS label was straightforward, but printing brought some major challenges. Only the latest generation of digital printers can achieve the precision of detail we were looking for. And although they were difficult to calibrate, we’re delighted with the end result.


Our first collection includes seven original illustrations: one plant and six animals printed on a unisex cut and a women’s cut with short sleeves. Our T-shirts have a classic fit, and extreme care has been taken on the finishing touches.

Now we need you to bring them to life!

OBJECTIVE No.1: 100%

We’ve set the first tier at 300 pre-orders. If we reach that goal, we can start production and half the project will be funded. We have 30 days to get there. Go ahead and support us by choosing your reward on the right-hand side of the page. And share details about the project with your friends and family by sharing this page link. Thank you!

OBJECTIVE No.2: 200%

At Fanatura, we dream big. If we are even more successful, we have a second tier of 300 additional pre-orders. If we achieve that, we’ll be able to fund and promote our entire first collection. But let’s not run before we can walk; we’ll get back to you soon about this tier.


We’re not fashion victims. All our T-shirts are made in the same ecru shade, which recalls the original paper or weathered vellums on which our illustrations were first drawn.

As is traditional, the names of each species appear in both French and Latin. A discreetly embroidered “f” guarantees Fanatura authenticity because each piece is numbered.

When you receive your package you will be invited to register your serial number by scanning the QR Code on the inside label. You will then become a member of the Fanatura loyalty programme with its many advantages, and we can talk to you about how to care for your T-shirt.


We run it, you wear it! Whether you want one, two, three, four, five, six or – hey, why not – the entire collection of seven T-shirts, choose your reward on the right-hand side of the page. We’ll send you an email when it’s time to select your cut, size and illustration at the end of the campaign.

We’ll then need 8 to 10 weeks to produce your T-shirts before they can be delivered to you. So you will receive them at the end of May or early June, right before it’s time for a well-earned holiday.

When you receive your T-shirt, don’t forget to tell people the story behind it.


We use our blog to tell you more about the associations that strive to protect nature, and whose work strikes a chord with us.

At the end of the year, we will ask you to vote for the ones we will support with a 20% donation of the profits we make in 2021.

We recently interviewed the people at Coral Guardian, a French association which has been running a successful coral protection and restoration programme since 2013. Why not see what it’s all about on “Fanatalk”, a page dedicated to conversations with nature enthusiasts.


That’s the very essence of our blog: to tell you about the extraordinary lives of the first naturalist travellers, and to show you the works of today’s artists and committed activists whose vision of nature is utterly captivating. We’ve already introduced you to the photographer Stephane Hette, the illustrator Florence Gendre, the collection director Gabrielle Baglione and the street artist Laurier Street.

But there are more to come, so why not subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of our posts?


Laurier Street creates awesome original animal collages. You might even have caught sight of one in your own neighbourhood. She’s from the coastal city of Marseille, so she loves depicting the local marine life. Fortunately, here at Fanatura we also have a soft spot for fish...

Laurier has been generous enough to contribute to this campaign with her silkscreens of “Poissons de Bouillabaisse” (fish for the French stewed dish bouillabaisse) at the discounted rate of €30, which is 50% of the initial price. If you’d like to support us without purchasing a T-shirt, this reward is perfect for you.

For €30, you will receive one of the four silkscreens which are numbered and signed by the artist. Please note, this edition is limited to around ten copies per fish, so please let us know which one you would like when you place your reward request.

First come, first served!


Alexandre Irissou, the founder of Fanatura, finds it hard to say “I” when he talks about his brand, because he has been surrounded by the support of a whole team of people since the beginning of the adventure. Nothing would have been possible without you, so thank you again for believing in the project.

I’m a dreamer, a lover of beautiful things and I’m fascinated by nature. I can be found wandering through flea markets or along the Seine in Paris browsing among the booksellers looking for old engravings. Or perhaps on the paths of the Cévennes searching for butterflies…


Allocation of funds

OBJECTIVE No.1: 100%
300 pre-orders. Thank you for your support, the Fanatura project is coming to life!
Once we have reached this first objective, we’ll be able to launch production on our first collection, fund 50% of it and deliver all your rewards. We’ll also be able to settle the expenses we have incurred, including the 8% commission charged by KissKissBankBank for this campaign.

OBJECTIVE No.2: 200%
600 pre-orders. Wow, many thanks!
If we achieve this second objective, we’ll be able to fund our entire first collection, develop our e-commerce site and bring our future collections to life. We will also be able to launch an advertising campaign on social media to promote Fanatura T-shirts.

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