Become a major player of the creation of a funny slow mo porn music clip. The story of Régis, a young and fat sex addict guy.

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FANTASY is the name of a funny slow mo porn music clip. We want to make it on an Aldrich’s song. We want to tell the story of Régis, a young and fat sex addict guy.  


Régis has governed hairy neck, greasy hair, his pants fit him in the buttocks : it is irresistible. In fact, in his hood, everyone think like that and when he arrives with his scooter in front of its neighborhood bakery, he becomes the master of the desires of the baker. 


We want to make this movie in high speed. In this way, we’ll be able to have a very beautiful slow motion in post-production. It means that hot scenes will be appreciated in a new way. This clip is gonna be a funny slow mo porn movie. It’s the first time that a « porn clip » will be made like this, that’s why this project is so unique. 


Régis will be played by Borio (photo credits by Lucas Posson / Nowhere Man)





       An excerpt of the script (in french) :




       Bien Au Chaud Dans Une Calzone


We want to introduce this clip in a movie made of sketchs : "Bien Au Chaud Dans Une Calzone". Our ideas are inspired by movies like «Kentucky Fried Movie» and «Amazon Women On The Moon» from John Landis. Some of others sketches are already written and Fantasy is the only music sketch. Once this clip made, it’ll be easier for us to work with producers to make Bien Au Chaud Dans Une Calzone. 


Le trailer de Kentucky Fried Movie 

Le trailer d'À La Recherche de l'Ultra Sex !





         Burger Films


The Burger Films’ team is composed by Camille Le Mercier, a mature girl and Thomas Buisson  whose age is changing. One of us has been a product designer, the other was an art designer.

We’ve always been interested by relationships between a human and a group. We’ve decided 2 years ago to work together to make special cases movies. Today Camille is working as a first assistant, Thomas is a gaffer’s best boy.




Site de Burger Films

Page facebook de Burger Films

Instagram de Burger Films






Aldrich is a parisian DJ. He made two EPs in 2014 with FHD label : « Soundwave » and « Well ». When he mixes he becomes a crazy animal and every time its public follow him in several parisian clubs to do him standing ovations. Recently he mixed with other artists like Simina Grigori, Timid Boy, Citizen Kain, Vazik and Jay Lumen. His sets are a mix between techno and house. He’s hardly working on a perfect song for our slow mo porn music clip. 




Les sons d'Aldrich

FHD Recording


         Staff :


Director : Thomas Buisson 

1st assistant : Norman Delauné

DOP : Julia Fernandez 

1st camera assistant  : Martin Robiquet 

2nd camera assistant : Tristan Moncla 

Script : Pauline Pécheux

Sound designer : Vincent Perret 

Rigger : Martin Chanvillard

Best boy : Nils Jacobsen





Allocation of funds

To do this fabulous project, we need 3000 euros. All this money is going to be used to :


-give food and water to all the team during 3 days : 700 euros

-rent the cameras, the lights, the grip…: 1300 euros

-rent the different spaces : 850 euros

-the kiss kiss commission : 150 euros


You’ll just need 5 minutes to donate to this film and you’ll have the choice between several unique gifts. You can although buy Burger Films stuff and participate to the development of the Burger Films’ projects. 






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