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Femme d'Influence - Application de coaching




Welcome to the Inspiring World of Femme d'Influence !


Femme d'Influence is a French personal development webmagazine dedicated to all women. These Women of Influence mostly come from the African diaspora and live in the Paris area, in France and everywhere in the world.

Thanks to you Femme d'Influence has rapidly grown into a community of over 300’000 people on Facebook, 103’000 followers on Instagram and counts more than 1'000’000 monthly visits on the website.

In 1 year, the editors’ team published over 300 articles on the website.  





Happy Birthday : Femme d'Influence celebrates its 1st Anniversary !


In order to celebrate the first anniversary of the Femme d’Influence website, we decided to launch our first personalized coaching app.

For 9,90€ per month, each user will be able to receive encourageing advice based on her private and professional challenges.






The Creation of Femme d'Influence


Femme d'Influence was launched on March 8, 2015 by Sarah Yakan, a student of journalism. As a result of observing the lack of appropriate answers to her personal and professional challenges, she decided to create her own webmagazine.

Her ambition is to provide women with suitable relexion tools so that they can become the best version of themselves.

Today, 10 editors publish new content on the website on a daily basis.





Meanwhile, the team has merged with the training centre Upgrade in order to offer a larger range of services.


The Team Upgrade - Femme d'influence





100 000 € yes! But for what purpose?


To provide you with a quality app that will help you awaken the Femme d’Influence in you. Our team and partners will work on the development of a product with 2 main functions:


Audio Coaching: We want to offer a daily motivation tool for women. During hard times, in stress or simply to get your daily motivation dosis, your virtual coach will be there with you, right at your fingertips.






E-learning: With its weekly new interactive videos, the app will be the perfect tool to acquire new skills on themes such as career, style ou love life. 








Allocation of funds


Your contributions will be used as follows

Estimated budget for the app’s development (in €)







Jusqu'au 15 Avril, nous irons à la rencontre des studios de développement afin de choisir la meilleure option. Une fois le crowdfunding terminé, nous entamerons le développement de l'application, qui devrait durer entre 4 et 6 mois.


Pour prendre une estimation moyenne, nous aurons la première version de l'application disponible, pour iPhone en septembre (5mois après la fin du crowdfunding).


Les partenaires potentiels que nous avons dors et déjà rencontré nous ont promis une application Android pour le mois de décembre (hum, quel beau cadeau de Noël...)

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