Festival Château Sonic

Help us raise money for the first edition of Château Sonic Festival, in Haute-Savoie, France!

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Festival Château Sonic

What is Château Sonic?

Château Sonic is a music and arts festival. The first edition will take place this summer (19th/20th/21st of August), in Haute-Savoie, France. There will be concerts at night, and lots of cultural and artistic activities during the day (theater, foodtrucks, participatory art projects, workshops…) in a festive and open-minded atmosphere!




During the day:

The ‘Village Sonic’ and its various activities in the castle’s gardens: participatory workshops, food trucks, chill areas, and many other surprises…



During the night:

The main stage - the ‘Muraille du son’ (the ‘sonic barrier’) will be displayed on the esplanade in front of the castle where live bands (garage rock, pop-rock, hip hop, world music…) and DJs will be performing, while the ‘Knight club’ the second -smaller and more intimate- stage will be focused on electronic music in the castle’s courtyard.




Who is Château Sonic?


> A founding association: Culturoscope is a 2015 association, created by 8 newly graduated striving to offer cultural and artistic activities to their home region.

The crazy bet that we went for with Château Sonic is the result of this desire - offering to share in a breath-taking and unusual location our musical discoveries from the upcoming music and artistic scene.




> Artists: the first names from our music line up just came out! You’ll be dancing to: Cannery Terror, VOIRON, Levin goes lightly, The pilotwings, Zayk, Sierra Manhattan, Electric Safari, LB aka Labat, Silence, Patella… and many more to come!




> Associations: we’re working with locally-based associations to offer a various and diverse line-up, for and with the locals through original, artistic and participatory performances.


> Technicians and professionals: working along with us, since the beginning: for the sound and light equipments and management, security, graphic design…




And most of all, this is all FOR YOU: we went and met locals, to find out what they really want to offer the most suitable event possible: festive, accessible and inter-generational, where everyone can find what they are looking for (activities for the youngest, live music, arts and crafts for everyone…)



Allocation of funds

Kicking off a festival in a medieval castle for the first time implies a lot of unavoidable costs and difficulties on the road:

• The absence of public subsidies the first year (an association needs to be <1 year old to apply for such loans).

• The difficulty to create from scratch partnerships and sponsorship with local entreprises (we need to show our value, which we intend to do over the years!)

• A very expensive location to secure: we need to protect both the castle and the festival-goers





The ‘Get up’ contest that we participated to allowed us to inject €10,000 in our crazy dream. But that’s only 1/4 of our global budget, and half of our contribution. We’re still looking for subventions, partnerships and have gone pro in the fine art of harassing potential sponsors!

That being said, €3,000 from you will help us secure for real our budget and allow Château Sonic not to go bankrupt the first year.





What will we do with €3,000?

insure an even more diverse line-up both during day and night to make you live your very own fairy tale

allow a peaceful access to dry toilets for all of you

deal with those unavoidable costs that we have: talkies-walkies to make sure everything is going smoothly everywhere (you can imagine how bad the reception is in a castle with those heavy walls!), barriers to protect you from falling in the moat and so forth!


What if we get more money?

We definitely close our budget and can stop our sponsor hunt!



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