Finale de la coupe du monde de Parapente

Help me compete in the Super Final of the 2018 Paragliding World Cup in Brazil, a childhood dream!

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Finale de la coupe du monde de Parapente

I started paragliding at 12 years

Since I had the privilege of touching this drug I could not stop, over the years I started competing distance, this is to achieve a course given by GPS points the most quickly possible, obviously the shortest way is not always the fastest.

I'm top-level sportsman at France Pole, I took part in 4 of the 5 stages of the 2018 World Cup:

- A first magnificent stage in Brazil where I finish 23rd.

- The second stage took place in Italy in the lagoons of Venice in Gemona, the weather not being in our favor we could only achieve 3 heats, I am ranked 64th.

- Direction of Eastern Europe for a third stage in Bulgaria with a beautiful site named Sopot, full of sleeves on the counter in sumptuous landscapes, I finish 28th.

- The last World Cup stage was held in East Turkey at Aksaray, a city in a huge desert plain with a Volcano culminating at 3 200m. I take the 26th place at this stage.

By winning a round in the stage of Bulgaria, I managed to achieve my dream by winning my ticket for the Super Final. This 2-week competition closes the World Cup season, it is the most elevated of all, all the best pilots want to participate!

This year it will take place in Baixo Guandu in Brazil, a spot that has a really good reputation.

Having finished 23rd in the Super Final 2017 I intend to improve this result to finish in the top 20!

Allocation of funds

With my active participation on the 2018 World Cup circuit, my wallet is no longer heavy.

That's why your help is welcome and will allow me to amortize the consequent costs that are:


Transport: 1000 €

Meals 15 days: 200 €

Registration fee: 250 €

Accommodation 15 nights: 300 €

KissKissBangBang Commission 8%: 150 €

Total: 1900 €

Total: 1900 €

I count on you and hope to reap this sum which will be very precious for this project which is close to my heart.

If you do not want to participate financially, simply sharing the project is already great.

If I raise more money the funds will be used the repurchase of my sports equipment of the season 2019

Thank you for everything !

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