Don't Kill The Cow finances the recording of his first album!

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Project visual Don't Kill The Cow finances the recording of his first album!
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Don't Kill The Cow finances the recording of his first album!

<p>Hello,</p> <p>We challenged ourselves to raise 4300 &euro; to finance our first album! We are a young band and we need you!</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <h2>Why this amount?</h2> <p>After several contacts with studios in our region, we estimated that the total recording cost would be 6,000&nbsp;CHF (studio located in Geneva). It would include the recording of twelve tracks, mixing and mastering. So why 4300 &euro;? Having no guarantee of the result of this fundraising, we estimated that&nbsp;this is the amount&nbsp; that could be reasonably reached&nbsp;at the end of our campaign. We will take care of the rest needed for the recording thanks to money from our concerts (corona willing !). It is necessary to add that if the objective&nbsp;is not reached, all the money will return to the donors. Of course, if the estimated objective is exceeded it will be a very precious help.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The production of an album is essential for a band. It&#39;s an additional chance to appear on playlists and extend our music to a larger audience. This will hopefully allow us to build a fan base. Having a pro album is also a good way to get gigs and play at festivals, because presenting an album is much more professional&nbsp;than presenting recordings over the phone to organizers. Moreover it will allow us to match&nbsp;our music&nbsp; to our&nbsp;video clips.&nbsp;</p> <p>But the goal of this album would be above all to offer you quality recordings that you can listen to in your car, in the bus, on a bike, ....</p> <p>Our songs are ready, we just need the funds :)</p> <h2><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></h2> <h2>When is this album coming out?</h2> <p>So yes, now that I&#39;ve supported the project, when will I be able to hear this famous album? We are thinking of recording it in 2021. That will allow us to better prepare for&nbsp;this album, and even to compose&nbsp;new songs.&nbsp;The goal is to give ourselves the necessary time and to be proud of our creation.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


Thank you in a post!


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If you wish, we will put your name in a post to say thank you ;)

Estimated delivery: June 2020

Homemade drawing + Stickers


  • 14 contributions
Receive a homemade drawing from one of the group members ;) And as a bonus a sticker !

Estimated delivery: July 2020

Receive our next album !


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You will receive this famous album as soon as it is ready!

You want our EP?


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Get our EP with fives of our top tracks! With or without signing... + stickers

Estimated delivery: July 2020

DKTC T-shirts!


  • 9 contributions
Become the proud owner of a DKTC T-shirt! Two designs available Available in men's size: M, L, XL + stickers

Estimated delivery: July 2020

Private repeat + Aperitif


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Attend one of our repeat Aperitif included Discover our way of working =)

A private concert!


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What's better than a live concert in your backyard?! In a 50km radius around Geneva.

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