Financement participatif d'une guitare classique

Participate to the funding of my new classical guitar !

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Financement participatif d'une guitare classique

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Hello everyone, welcome to my project !


My name is André Nobile. I am 15 years old and have been studying and playing classical guitar for five years now.



I started my studies in 2013 with Christian Bouté in the town of Montargis where I live and which is in the center of France about 100 km. from Paris.



Today I am in the third level of instrument and solfeggio with Christian de Chabot at the music academy of the 14th arrondissement of Paris.  I also give guitar lessons at a music school " Le rossignol " (Paris 15ème).



( Concert in the Center of France)






I have attended several  masterclasses with some of the best guitar players in the world such as Judicaël Perroy and Gabriel Bianco. 




Since the beginning of my studies, I have always been encouraged to perform at all sorts of events. I have thus given over 40 solo concerts and have been part of an orchestra, a duo or a trio in 20 concerts.



In the past five years, I have also participated in six international “young talent” competitions in the Paris area. I took first place in 4 and second in the other 2.   


(André, young prodigy of the guitar)



(Charity project, development assistance in Madagascar)



At exams and competitions, I have often asked the jury their opinion of my technic and musicality and for the past 3 years the most frequent comment has been, you need to change your instrument. 


So in order to pursue my studies and to continue participating in concerts and competitions, I have to purchase a new guitar since the one I have is hindering my progress.


To do so I need your support and assistance in putting together the necessary amount of € 4,892

Allocation of funds

For over a year I searched throughout France to find a luthier who could craft a guitar that would be both beautiful and with a great sound but that would not exceed a certain budget.

I was fortunate to find Florian Chauvet who lives and works in Tours. He is both luthier, guitarist and professor and he offers to craft a concert guitar at a relatively moderate price so that students, like myself, can acquire a good-quality instrument. The model is very on demand so I had to wait a year for mine to be completed. This should occur in the next few weeks.

Cost of the guitar € 4,500.00

8% kisskissbankbank commission € 392.00

for a total of € 4,892.00



I recently spent a whole day with Florian at his atelier assisting with the assembly of the guitar so that I could better understand how it is made.




Being under 18, my mother Laurence Nobile will collecte the donations and will pay the luthier.

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