Financez le premier clip de Roken is Dodelijk ! - 1er CLIP #Premierchefd'oeuvre

Roken is Dodelijk – 1 st Music Video #1 st Masterpiece

Project visual Financez le premier clip de Roken is Dodelijk ! - 1er CLIP #Premierchefd'oeuvre
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Financez le premier clip de Roken is Dodelijk ! - 1er CLIP #Premierchefd'oeuvre

The Band
Roken id Dodelijk (smoking kills in Dutch, pronounce it as you like) is a band
from Lille, France, formed in 2006 by a group of friends who were big into 70s
folk and 90s indy. The line-up has evolved over the years since then and the band has over 200 concerts under their belt (including notably Printemps de Bourges, Transmusicales, Rock En Seine….)


The current line-up is : Jérôme Voisin (vocals / guitars), Jérôme Mackowiak
(guitars / vocals), Nicolas Degrande (boom chack, boom boom chack / vocals),
Anouk Amati (vocals / keyboards / keytar), Brendan O’ Regan (bass / vocals /

Following several critically acclaimed EPs (“R.I.P.” – 2006 ; “The Terrible Things” – 2010 and “Broken Bones” – 2016), they are currently writing the next chapter
of their musical journey with the freshly arrived and fresh-faced Anouk and

Anouk and Brendan joined the band in 2016 for the recording of the EP “Broken
Bones”. The title is a reference to Jay’s collar bone that kept him away from his
guitar for over a year. He’s back with a bang since September and we’ve been
holed up working on a new live set and new songs that are electrically charged, a bit crazy and deeply deep. We’re really excited about sharing them with you.
The first single is called “Run Kelly” (written by Voisin/Mackowiak) and is a
whirlwind of surf guitars, vintage synths and vocal harmonies. It’s about a chase, set to sun-kissed music.

The Music Video


It’s early in the morning and Kelly is getting ready to go for a run. She runs
through a quiet neighbourhood, past its charming bungalows. It’s peaceful. Too
peaceful? Too peaceful!
Suddenly the town goes dark and a sense of panic overcomes the inhabitants….

The director Antoine Waterkeyn is the man in charge. He wrote the scenario
with playwright Nelly Fantoni. The video features a cast of 30, as well as a dozen technicians (lights,cameramen, make-up artists)

Check out Antoine’s work and you’ll see why we’re so excited about working
with him.

Filming will take place mid-May in the greater Paris area (exact location top
secret, sorry, legions of fans).


Allocation of funds

The funds will be used for:

3 days of filming

Rental of top filming and lighting material

Transport of a team of 45 people

Production costs

Should we surpass our target, every euro will be used for the development of the band and the production of more new songs.

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