FINGERPRINT - New single & CLIP !

With your support Fingerprint will be recording a new single and videoclip this summer! Become a part of this adventure by helping us !

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FINGERPRINT - New single & CLIP !

One of FINGERPRINT's goals for this year is the recording of a new single and videoclip. With your support we could achieve this goal! By becoming part of the adventure, you become a part of Fingeprint. Not only will we be forever grateful, we will spoil you with fan goodies and much more! Don't forget to tune in on facebook to follow everything we do!


Your support will give us the opportunity to record a new single in the Woodpecker Studios in Dendermonde.  This means working with producer & experienced musical master mind Jim Jonckheer who also helped us recording our first album "Rock Beats Scissors". It will also give us the opportunity to create a professional music video for the new single. Our biggest supporters will even be mentioned in the end credits of the music clip! Thank you for making this possible. Fingerprint is more than the 4 of us; it's all of you supporting us and making this happen! Big up to our fans!


Want to know what our first album "Rock Beats Scissors" sounds like? Have a listen and check out All Gone!



While the summer approaches, we have been preparing and rehearsing for this project. Jim will welcome us in his studio as from the 20th of July. We will be in the Woodpecker Studios for a total of 2 days; you know the drill; work hard, play hard! :-)


Thanks to your support we will not only be able to pay for two days of studio but we will be able to eat, sleep, breathe, live, right next to the studios, which gives us the opportunity to start of early and work all through the day (and night). 


After the single is recorded, we will sit down with Jim to mix everything and get the perfect sound for you to listen to this song over and over again ;-) 


The next step is the mastering of the single, which we will also be funding with your support. 

Together with the boys, Val' will be creating the right look for the single-sleeve so that we can present it to you and share it with the world!


Last but not least we will record a live videoclip of the song while performing it at our release gig later this year at TRIX  Of course all of you will be invited! Don't forget to tune in on Facebook to stay posted. A team of camera(wo)men wil be filming the entire gig which will give us all the footage we need to take some good live scenes for the videoclip. For this part we need the audience to go crazy which is why we will all invite you to this event! 




Allocation of funds

We've managed to collect part of the budget on our own, but we're not quiet there yet! That's why we need you!


Part of the budget goes to studio, mixing and mastering. Another part finances the videoclip.


Where the money actually goes to:

Studio + mixing: +/- 1500 €

Mastering: +/- 60 €

Food & drinks: +/- 150 €

1 night: +/- 100 €

Videoclip: +/- 500 €

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