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[ Freespace ] in Paris




 [ Birth of Freespace ]


The [Freespace] idea was born in San Francisco when a community was given a warehouse for $1 for one month. 

[Freespace] was created out of the  National Day of Civic Hacking which is sponsored by the White House and NASA and invites hackers to use open data to solve challenges in their communities. As a response to this event, [Freespace] extended the National Day of Civic Hacking to the National month of Civic Hacking.






Providing an open space to people from many backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines, [Freespace] will enable citizens to innovate and create together. 


We started with a simple observation: it is a challenge to find a workplace that is free for everyone. We need a space to promote collaborative creation and exchange between people who had never have the opportunity to work together outside of [Freespace]. 


Getting out of our comfort zone and bringing new ideas to the community: that is the concept of [Freespace]. 


[Freespace] welcomes radical inclusion with distinct communities of experts (scientists, artists,  economists, lawyers, musicians, IT developers, ect…) who will meet in the space to help to generate ideas, create projects, and find solutions to challenges. 



An ephemeral space, our goal is to create a temporary space for lasting change. We will be open from June 20th until the end of September. 


Mike Zuckermann at Ouishare fest 


 [ Philosophy ]




Inspired by the mean annual release of creative power and artistic community values of Burning Man

[ Freespace ] is an eco-friendly, ephemeral community gathered around multiple events and creative projects.



[ Valeurs ]





[ Freespace is extending ]


Presented below are the different cities that will soon be opening their [Freespace].




[ Our team ]


[ Freespace ] is an open group that thrives in the diversity of its’ members! Our aim is to work together.




Today our core team includes 16 members of all ages and backgrounds:


Adèle:  Gobelins, visual communication 

Marie: Paris Dauphine, finance 

Stéphanie:  Paris Dauphine, finance 

Amine: Sup de Pub, advertising  

Beth: Professor, poet 

Fanely: Fashion model, artistic director 

Murielle:  ESCIA, webmaster 

Inkis: Archeology

Romain: Aeorotic engineer, sustainable development   

Camille: Euromed, teacher

Xavier: Artistic director 

Sami: Harvard, neuroscientist 

Ghizlaine: Corporate finance 

William: Sorbonne and Sup de Pub, Graphism 

Carole: CNAM

Laurent: Paris Dauphine, serial entrepreneur 




Here is the whole team : http://freespaceparis.wpigniter.org/core/

Want to join in the adventure of [Freespace] ? Write us  at getintouch@paris-[Freespace].com


[ Our “Space”ship ]


[Freespace] is a 500 m² space in an Eiffel style building near the Canal Saint Martin, the Saint Louis Hospital, and the Place de la République.   [[Freespace]] is located at 15-17 rue Sambre et Meuse 75010 Paris.



Entrance, 15-17 Rue de Sambre et Meuse, Paris 10e.




Currently under construction, this location will open this summer and will be open from Wednesday to Sunday. We need you to be ready!




The space is 500 m2.




[ Events ]



March 3, 2014, the first Fashion Hackathon in France at Numa, in the heart of the textile quartier was completed in two weeks.






 On June 23rd, we will create a neighbourhood hack event at NUMA. The aim is to discuss how to improve relations between neighbors and optimize our relationships with each other (for example how to share: time, equipment, food, gardens, rainwater, etc.. ). You are welcome to participate !



During Fashion Week in September, we will organize a FashionTech event at Numa, with the star designer Chalayan, Parsons School, Hall Couture, Startupweekend, and many others. The event is held simultaneously in New York, London and Milan.



[ Hacking the World Cup ]





[Freespace] Paris will open in June in conjunction with the launch of the World Cup in Brazil.

This global sporting event is a time when the world comes together to celebrate the potential in each one of us to achieve our goals and dreams. Freespaces across the globe will screen the World Cup. In partnership with UNICEF, at halftime, the screen will turn into a global video conference with Freespaces from all around the world.

Each Freespace will share their ideas and local events with each other to inspire hope and to create a worldwide conversation about working together and sharing. 

You can discover more about it on  http://blog.burningman.com/2014/05/afield-in-the-world/global-freespace-movement-to-hack-the-2014-world-cup/



Nos amis :




[ Prizes /Distinctions in France ]



- National Contest  PEPITE for entrepreneurship by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research 

- Participant in the Digital Talents House Mutuality, Utopia category

- Semi-finalist in the Student of the Year competition in France







[ Press ]


Freespace in San Francisco : http://www.freespace.io




[ Videos ]





Thank you very much ! 




Go alone go fast, Go together go far.




Allocation of funds

The fundraising will allow us to bring the complementary and essential financement for the development of your place like charges, electricity, water, internet and space security.


The more we have funds, the more the space will get bigger and organized as you all wish and imagine. This is a place for all of us designed by us ! 10464246_10154216029550417_2485294552653214763_n

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