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Help two Frenchy to realise their "American Dream": Open a French Coffee Shop in New York City!

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Frenchy Coffee NYC

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Before talking about our project, here is a little bit about us!


Perrine and Aurelien, we are together for almost 8 years, we had a crush for New York from our first trip here ! Now we've been here for one year with our daughter Lily Rose and we want to pursue our American Dream !



Our project:






An American style Coffee Shop with good coffee-to-go and, some comfortable seats for those who would like to stay and relax in a warm and cozy atmosphere.


At this point, you may think: ‘We already know that kind of Coffee Shop!’


But our originality comes with the products that will be served: homemade French pastries and snacks from our grandmothers’ recipes that will always be fresh baked and made with natural ingredients.






Moreover, we’d like to sell these products at an affordable price to break the classical cliché of the fancy

French that is found nowadays in New York City.






In addition, we’d like to create a place where the Frenchys of New York could find all kind of French products they miss from their homeland as well as a place where New Yorkers and tourists visiting the Big Apple could enjoy a coffee and experience our real simple and delicious French specialties.




Allocation of funds




To finance our projet we need a total of 100 000€ (115 000$). We set a goal of 25 000€ (29 000$) so that with our own saving we could have at least 50% of the company in a way to kept our value and preserve the original project. The money left will be ad by one or more investors


How this investment of 100 000€  (115 000$) is split?

The occupancy during the renovation: 25 000€ (29 000$)

Equipment: Coffee machine, oven, baking equipment, cold storage ... 30 000€ (34 500$)

Renovation and decoration: 20 000€ (23 000$)

Legal fees 7000€ (8000$)

The remaining 18 000€ (21 000$) will be use for:

Small equipment (utensil, cup, mug, plate…), the insurance, the licenses/permits, KissKissBankBank fees…


The goal of 25 000€ (29 000$) could be surpass, the more we fund and the more the project remains as we imagined it: Good Coffee with fresh baked and homemade products with the best ingredients possible at an affordable price.


Feel free to talk about our project and share our campaign on social media. This simple act can make a big difference and help us to reach our goal!

The more we talk about the project, the more it has chances to succeed !

We are counting on you to spread the world !!!




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