FRIED SQUID : un second EP et des clips !

Pre-order the new EP + help us grow the Fried Squid project beyond oceans & borders! PopFolk & Country tides guaranteed!

Project visual FRIED SQUID : un second EP et des clips !
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FRIED SQUID : un second EP et des clips !

" Let's take a ukulele, two guitars, just add a bit of country vibes and a handful of simplicity.." Alright, that would be how people usually introduce us before we climb onstage ♫

Since we will need your support on the backstage side this time, we would like to introduce ourselves differently.

Carole, Grace and Lau, Fried Squid, or "les Calamars Frits" in French, the choice is up to you ! We are three childhood friends who used to get together after school to play music in the garage, somewhere in the suburban Paris, France. In 2010, we created Fried Squid the band, from the sound of a guitar and the harmony of our voices. In 2012, it's time to leave the garage and perform for the first time, in the back of a truck/stage  for the French music festival Musikamailly. Our first public performance and we already love the feeling of playing for an audience. Let's keep going!

Initially inclined to cover popular songs with a Squid-ish twist, our original songs also start to mature and always with English lyrics (with some exceptions in French and maybe Spanish... let's not spoil too much!). We are increasingly nurturing our own musical signature while growing the community that discovers and supports our work through social networks and public concerts.  From La Rochelle for the Francofolies music festival, through Parisian performances thanks to Emergenza, we also toured in Burgundy, in Lille and around the Northern part of France, even flying to the USA for an impromptu stopover in Nashville during the CMA Fest. All the love, smiles, and crowd cheering have been bringing us closer to this new project for 2018.


After the release of a first EP featuring 5 original songs in 2017, we want to work on a project that will illustrate our evolution and we decided to shift our state of mind towards a revival. We want to discover what the future holds for us. We want to write a new chapter with you.

The project : Record a brand new EP and develop high quality image through a new visual identity and professional audio-visual content

Therefore, we will need your financial support to help us build this chapter together. This journey might be long and tough, but it had been thought over deeply and we promise to handle it steadily until the very end.

            The steps  :

○ Working on the new design : photoshoot, graphic art … - February-March 2018
Recording, Mixing and Mastering 4 new original songs : 10 recording sessions in a professional studio - March-April 2018
○ Forecast release and distribution - May 2018
○ Local and national promotion (for now) : Concerts, advertising (online/offline) - Spring-Summer 2018
Communication : manage social networks and involve supporters around this project - continuously
Audio-visual production : TWO official music videos (2 songs from the new EP), promotional vlogs and videos for the tour, diverse video contents for the release - Fall-Winter 2018

In the meantime, support Fried Squid the band in general with technical needs :

○ Equipments, backline (stage), instruments, sound system…  

We hope that this new EP will do justice to the universe we have been building so far and we are working very hard to communicate properly our onstage energy, with accuracy and consistency. We wish nothing more than to expand our musical career, boost the Fried Squid band towards new oceans, and thrive to realize bigger dreams. We are nothing without you ! Thank you ❤❤❤

Allocation of funds

○  5000€  »  Brand New EP (4 original songs) 
→ 4000€ = recording sessions (sound engineer, studio, mix, mastering)
→ 1000€ = distribution, promotion, communication


○  5000€  » 2 official music videos

→ filmmaking direction, screenplay, shooting (transportation, accommodation, catering for the team of volunteers and the cameraman, equipments), editing

= 2500€ per clip


○  1040€  »  Support and invest in the global musical project
→ equipments (sound system, instruments, backline stage)
→ lots of vitamins to prevent Carole from getting sick all the time


○  960€   »   8% commission for KissKissBankBank


If we overrun our initial goal of 12000€ » Keep supporting and investing in the global musical project

→ higher quality equipments, sustainable instruments, lifetime stock of vitamins for Carole and some new jokes books for Lau (as she perpetually needs to renew her onstage jokes) 


All funds received through this crowdfunding campaign will be sent to "FRIED SQUID" association's bank account that handles the band's administration

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