Funk This Ship EP Release

Support belgian funk-rock music by contributing to the production of Funk This Ship's first EP : Childish Inappropriate Whiteboy Funkrock!

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Funk This Ship EP Release

<p><strong>► FUNK IT UP</strong><br /> Funk This Ship is a band formed by four eccentrically named musicians - Lancelot, Eliott, D&eacute;mis and Virgile - who have decided to funk radio wishy-washy playlists with their imaginative compositions.</p> <p>► <strong>Uncategorisable !</strong><br /> Between good vibes funk and booze seeping atmospheres,&nbsp;this first EP involves different styles and lean on the five first&nbsp;inappropriate stories of these four adventurous&nbsp;procrastinators.<br /> <br /> <strong>► Tracklist</strong> :</p> <ol> <li>True Story</li> <li>Salted Moment</li> <li>Trains</li> <li>Bernard le Renard</li> <li>All is Good&nbsp;</li> </ol>

Allocation of funds

<p>► <strong>Vinyl&nbsp;pressing</strong><br /> First of all, this&nbsp;crowdfunding will allow our fans to acquire the limited (red!) edition record&nbsp;of &quot;Childish Inappropriate Whiteboy Funkrock&quot;, currently produced at DeepGrooves pressing plant. For those who do not have&nbsp;the appropriate record player, it will represents a huge sense of belonging and an artefact of an inestimable value. Moreover, the record contains a download code that allows the Kissbankers&nbsp;to acquire our music online.</p> <p>► <strong>Studio session</strong><br /> The money will also be used to pay off our colossal debts due to tiresome studio sessions that led to the EP. #havepity</p> <p>► <strong>Merchandising</strong><br /> We are creating&nbsp;several goods (tees and stickers) to allow our community to parade during concerts&nbsp;!</p> <p>► <strong>Musical Creation</strong><br /> New funky tunes are coming and it would also be a great challenge to make quirky videoclips to illustrate our music&nbsp;!</p>


Disco Stu


  • 14 contributions
Thanks ! ► Exclusive download of "All is Good" before official release ; ► A kiss (from one of the member) + thank-you on social media.

Estimated delivery: February 2020

Minimalist Funker


  • 34 contributions
Thanks a lot ! You have chosen the funk survival kit : "Disco Stu" + ► Vinyl record of "Childish Inappropriate Whiteboy Funkrock" (limited red edition!) ; ► Download code to get the audio files (studio quality). [Shipping costs excl.]

Estimated delivery: March 2019



  • 19 contributions
Congratulations ! You're a real motherfunker ! "Minimalist Funker" + ► Personal invitation for the Release Party (Liège, Belgium - 06/04/2019) ; ► Personal invitation for the Pool Party (Seny, Belgium - summer 2019).

Estimated delivery: March 2019

Sailor of the funk


  • 21 contributions
Welcome aboard ! Let's set sail for band's local merch ! "Motherfunker" + ► Exclusive sticker ; ► Official band's tee (100% organic cotton). [Shipping costs excl.]

Estimated delivery: March 2019

Music lover package


  • 3 contributions
What ? Wishy-washy radio listener is evolving into ... music lover ! "Sailor of the funk" + ► Personal invitation for the next concert ; ► You can choose a song that the band will have to perform (in a funky way !).

Estimated delivery: March 2019

Freaky Party Animal


  • 5 contributions
If you're the kind of person that never gets enough, you'll be satisfy ... "Sailor of the funk" + ► Personal invitation for the next concert ; ► FREE BOOZE during the Pool Party ! [The band declines responsibility in case of incredible vomit]

Estimated delivery: March 2019

Freaky Styley Crazy Vegan Stuff


  • 1 contribution
You are completely nutty and you know it ! "Sailor of the funk" + ► Personal invitation for the next concert ; At this concert : ► Lancelot will have to dip his head into melt chocolate and add some toppings on it, which you'll eat (if you want) ; ► Eliott will have to dress up like a big baby during the whole gig ; ► Démis will have to dress like a desirable woman with dyed hair ; ► Virgile will have to smash his lectern (rock'n'roll way!) and do some roulades on the stage ; ► All members will have to drink one beer down in one before playing "Bernard le Renard". I think it shall be pretty epic.

Estimated delivery: March 2019

Funk Master Combo Hit x1000


AAAH WE WANT THE FUNK ! YOU'RE THE ONE ! "Sailor of the funk" + ► Personal invitation for the next concert ; ► Funk This Ship is at your disposal to plan a PRIVATE CONCERT (terms will have to be discussed with the band)!

Estimated delivery: March 2019

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