Gabriela Perd Son Corps


Project visual Gabriela Perd Son Corps
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Gabriela Perd Son Corps


Multichannel film

Format: HD


Langage / Subtitle: Spanish

Duration: 40 minutes

Year: 2016

Suitable for all audiences








Gabriela loses her body is an installative experimental film with a version for movie theaters. The film consists of diptychs that constantly dialogue, complement and redefine each other. Gabriela, a Chilean dancer, loses her body. She begins to lose her body  in the material search of it. His friends, who help her in trying to rebuild her stuff, find the concrete and social search of the body as a demolished materiality. Hundreds of images put in dual screen, semantic landscapes freely associated, give an account about Gabriela’s feelings.   





I’m interested in playing with languages ​​to find bridges between narrative cinema, documentary, and experimental and expanded cinema.


Cinema was not always or has been a narrative spectacle, since its beginning the potential of the image has been a sensory spectacle by itself. These temporary cuts from the image in constant dialectic , put into operation multiple and alternative films to the delight of the viewer. This film on the other hand does not require much of the spectator, just to let go himself and feel.


Based on the studies of David Le Breton and Judith Butler, as well as notions of liquid identities by Zygmunt Bauman, I thought this film as a motor and a motivation for my career and my way of seeing films in general. The images that I set up are also referenced in some way in the avant-garde photography of Luigi Ghirri . So this experiment has been taking shape, where even the music on it has been produced by myself as a result of a research for this project.




Our Team





Mario Londoño (Medellín, Colombia 1989)


Film director from film university Fundación Universidad del Cine (FUC) from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He did audiovisual and photography studies at the USP, University of Sao Paulo. His work was exhibited in group exhibitions in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Thailand and Italy. He participated and curated the project Emotional Cities for Spain and Latin America. He was invited to the 8th Biennial of Art at La Paz in Bolivia, he was also invited to the world meeting of young artists WEYA in Nottingham, UK 2012. His work is currently part of the collection of Malba.




Julia Esvant (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1991)


Currently she is pursuing a degree in Screenplay at the film university Fundación Universidad del Cine (FUC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is her first film as a producer. She has also made production assistance in the International Environmental Film Festival FINCA from Buenos Aires as well as several shortfilms. In addition to her screenplay studies, she writes poetry and she works as a french translator (she has worked for Kilometro 111 and Página 12, among other publications).




Gabriela Amaro (Santiago de Chile, Chile 1992)


Currently she studies Performance and Body language at the UNA, Universidad Nacional del Arte from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work involves investigations and  experimental searches  around physical and anthropological theater, including film acting and urban intervention. Amaro is co-founder of the interdisciplinary group La Maricona BA. She shows an extensive career  in theater, film and advertising in Chile, Brazil and Argentina.




Sebastian Rodolfo Alvarez Villar (Valparaiso-Chile 1989)


He studied in Balmaceda, during his work at the stable cast of Rodolfo Cepeda. He developed his career as an actor at the University of Valparaiso and the UNA, Universidad Nacional del Arte (arts university) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is finishing his studies of Body Language at the UNA. His work as an actor, director and performance highlights his concern about the body. His work has been seen in the contemporary art scene in South America.




Camille Bonard (Lausanne, Switzerland 1992)  


She is pursuing a degree in film directing at the film university Fundación Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She specialized in sound, participating in several short films as soundman. Currently she is venturing into acting.


Allocation of funds



Photography equipment (supplies, lights, cameras, lenses, dollies, cars) 3350 €


Sound (sound equipment): 1148 €


Art (For scenery construction, costumes for actors, makeup, hairstyles): 923 €


Special Effects (Projections, 3D, fog, flares, smoke): 1129 €


Locations (rental locations): 615 €


Transfers (transfers of technical equipment, equipment transfers, transfers of actors): 864 €


Edition (Image and sound editing): 1870 €


Postproduction sound (Mixing Room, foley, voice-overs) 1570 €


Original Music (Composition, musicians, and recording room) 1790 €


Animation and credits (animation, subtitles, credits and end) 344 €


Catering (For actors, for our team, for extras): 409 €


TOTAL 14.012 €


About the film’s production


The estimate of 14,012 € is a part of the general budget  we need to make the film. Mario Londoño (director), Julia Esvant (producer), Camille Bonard (actress) are from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires (Argentina), so we have the support of the institution in terms of cameras (photographic equipment) rooms for editing / post-production, sound rooms (9512 €).  

Still, this is only part of what we need to make the film.  


We also need you.   

We need 4500 €.


Once we get this amount, we will start with the shooting that will consist of 20 days. The film will be finished by January 2017.  




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