Gabrielle Verleyen - Le Lac - 1er EP

With your suppor the finalization of my first EP becomes possible!

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Gabrielle Verleyen - Le Lac - 1er EP

Hello everybody!

My name is Gabrielle Verleyen and I'm finalzing my first EP, Le lac. I’m super excited about sharing my work with you. I started several years ago this intense and passionate journey, and I hope you like the final results!


My journey

Music has always been a part of my life and I usually have a song on my lips, but fifteen years ago I would not have believed that music would become my career. Since I’m very shy I spent my childhood and teenage years hiding my singing. It was only while studying literature in university that, thanks to a friend “pushing” me, I sang for the first time in public. The experience was a revelation to me and I totally reversed my course. I dropped my studies and started studying music full time. After two years in a jazz school I studied singing at the Conservatory of World Music in Rotterdam, where I stayed for seven years. During my stay in Rotterdam I wrote my first songs, inspired by this atypical city, surrounded by water, nature, concreted, and people from many different backgrounds. Under artist name of Elina Lys and accompanied by a great team, I released my first single Demain and was one of the five finalists in the contest “Best singer-songwriter van Rotterdam.” My band and I performed at different venues in Rotterdam and later on in Belgium as well.

The next step is the EP, a five song album: an accomplishement, a dream, but also a tool for promotion since it will increase our visibility and chances to perform in more locations.


Le Lac - the EP

This EP will be recorded beginning of January and released in spring 2020.

It will contain five songs selected from my compositions. They are the ones that touch me the most while I sing them and therefore they are the ones I want to share with you the most. The lyrics are inspired by my personal experiences, my fears, my desires, subjects that are at the same time intimate and universal. Most of them are in French and some in English.

The EP’s influences are indie folk, indie rock, dream pop, with some oriental touch.I wanted to create a universe alternately atmospheric and dynamic, between nostalgy and hope, at the same time melancholic and luminous. To create these ambiances, I surrounded myself by really talented musicians with whom I count myself privileged to play to this day.

Here is a live version of one of the songs of the EP!


The team

Accompanied by three extraordinary musicians, my songs are enriched by their sensibility and creativity. These fellow musicians are old time friends of mine and are invested in this project in which they bring their personal touch. Edouard Cabuy on the drums, Julien Guilloux on the trombon and Romain Verwilghen on the guitar and backup voices. I feel really lucky to share this adventure with those artists.

We will record in the beautiful KeyOrg studio of Christophe Tignée and the sound engineer Ulysse Wautier will record and mix the EP.

The EP’s art work is done by the talented artist Christian Durieux who has done an amazing work.

And to finish, I have the chance to be supported by the label M.J. Key Recordz that is supervising the entire process and will finance a part of the costs.


Why do we need your help?

With the support of the label M.J. Key Recordz and personnal funds, we can finance the recording and the mix of the EP. However, creation and diffusion of an EP still requires finances for the following steps: mastering, pressing, a video clip, and promotion. These additional costs are at present a financial obstacle to the realization of the EP, and that is why I’m reaching out to you. I need your help more than ever!

Every contributions is important. There are compensations for every budget and every participation would be really appreciated!

I would be so grateful for your support!

Thank you so much!

Allocation of funds

How will the raised funds be used?

Everything is ready. With your help, the EP could be finalized!

The total cost for the recording and marketing of the EP is €5750 plus the KissKissBankBank comission. This means that the funds raised here will only cover part of the cost. The rest will be financed by the label M.J. Key Recordz and personal funds.

Breakdown of the costs:

Studio and mix: €3000

Mastering: €300

Pressage: €650

Video clip: €1200

Media promotion: €600

Kiss kiss bank bank commission: €220 (8%)


And if we exceed the crowdfunding goal?

To reach this amount would already be a wonderful success! But if we are so lucky that donations exceed the goal, the surplus will be used to produce an animated music video for Si les étoiles, one of the songs on the EP.  

I really can’t wait for you to discover the final results of this long and passionate creative process! I truly hope you’ll like it and that this music will resonate with you.


I thank you infinitely for your contribution!


PS: If you have any questions, remarks, or technical problems with the website, you can contact me here :

Thanks a lot to the photographers: Marta Soriano, Sena Grote Prijs, Viewdvision, Natacha Péant, Phil Colig and Guy Verscheren

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