GAELLE BUSWEL - Production du 3ème Album

GAELLE BUSWEL, 3rd Album with Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. Are you ready to record this third album together?

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GAELLE BUSWEL - Production du 3ème Album


Here I am, ready to start on a new adventure with all of you!! And this time we are going to take it to the next level!


Are you ready for what’s coming next? Are you ready to record this third album together?


For those of you who do not know me, I am Gaëlle Buswel, a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Paris who plays Americana.


2 years ago, thanks to all my kisskissbankers, I was able to record the album « Black to Blue »!! A large number of people took part in that adventure and I can never thank you enough. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.



« Black to Blue » had many successes; it was among the selection « coup de cœur » at the FNAC (record store) for over a year and a half. It was distributed in numerous European countries as well as in Japan and was awarded 2 different prizes: the « coup de cœur » at the Cahor Blues Festival and the « All That Jazz » prize as well. Above all we were able to meet you all with our incredible tour of concerts in both Europe and North America - which we will be doing again this summer. We will have spent 2 years on the road promoting this unique album – we did it without the help of a record label, all of this was done thanks to YOUR support!


It is thanks to those of you who helped produce that album. What a crazy adventure, whenever I think about it, I am still amazed!!




I am going to continue this adventure of being self-produced with the team of incredible musicians who have been with me for some time now. To meet my goals and dreams for a 3rd album, we need you!


So, are you ready to take this adventure all the way to the other side of the Atlantic?





Come closer and I will let you in…




An adventure that speaks for itself! 6 years ago you would have met me by my first homegrown album, « Yesterday’s Shadow », that was made with Neal Black. A few years later in 2013, you gave me your trust and we set off together for the adventure of « Black to Blue » which has taken me well beyond my expectations. Wow!


We keep working, we roll up our sleeves, developing, producing, communicating, organizing, work that is intense but which, in the end, brings the greatest satisfaction of all! Even though there are times when we are on a rollercoaster of emotions, it is a career that represents true values: the values of exchange and sharing !


(Album Black to Blue)





Enregistrer cet album à la fin de l’été :)


Il comportera 10 nouvelles chansons originales + 2 live inédits. Des collaborations surprises ! Et ce que tout le monde attend avec impatience : un vinyle collector sera au rendez-vous !!






Record the album at the end of this summer.


The album will be made up of 10 new songs and 2 previously unrecorded « live » tracks. There will be surprise collaborators! and of course, what everyone has been waiting for : a vinyl collector edition !




Our ultimate goal if we reach it, is to record the songs for the album in FRANCE and the bonus tracks in AUSTIN, TEXAS.


I imagine that you will want to know why?


Paris:  Recording here allows me to keep a certain cohesion with my team, to defend a style of music with an American sound but produced with the « savoir faire » of the  « French Touch" and to do it with my faithful musicians who have been there from the very beginning.


Austin:  For it’s unique acoustic sound, it’s warmth and because of my relationship with this city which is a story in itself. What story is that you ask?


In the summer of 2015, I took a road trip with a backpack and my guitar across parts of the United States. I was gone for 45 days on a journey to learn more about the history of the music that I grew up with. I wanted to try to understand why it is this music that touches me the most. I wanted to be close to the origins of this music called « Americana » which is the music that I play and which represents who I am as an artist.

I met many people on the road (in Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Cleveland…)

But it was in Austin that the direction of the new album became clear.


After playing at an Open Mic at the « Speakeasy » in Austin, I ended up doing a 48 hour non-stop jam with musicians – each one from totally different worlds. One of them, David, had to leave us for a few hours to go busking, which is what he has to do to survive in the streets. When he came back to join us, he offered to give me one of his songs. He told me that while he had been singing it, he imagined my voice. That song is called « No one else » and I promised him that if I came back to Texas one day, that I would find him and that we would record the song together.


Last November I kept that promise and upon my return to the USA, I made a detour to Austin with my best friend to find David again.


We went through all of the clubs in the city, the parks, all the places where David would go to play, asked all of the musicians who were playing in the streets. It was like being in a movie. 48 hours later and completely by chance, we finally stumbled upon David. He broke into tears in our arms saying that no one had ever made good on such a promise.


We then recorded his song as a duet in a studio in Austin. I believe that when someone gives what for him is the most precious, the value of that gift is immeasurable and in this case it was his music.


I was reminded again to what degree music strengthens the ties we have one to another, to what degree music makes no judgments but brings people – no matter who they are or where they’re from - together.


(Photo in Austin at Alnico Studio, from letft to right : Nico, Dan, David, Gaelle)


We already knew this from playing in children’s’ hospitals and in detention centers.


There is an aspect of music, which ties us to our dreams, a sparkly side, a festive side but also an aspect of humanity that we too often forget.


 The first track of the new album was born in Austin and the other songs were inspired by that particular trip. There have been many encounters since and we already have a studio waiting to welcome us for this second adventure.


If we manage to connect these two worlds, a few acoustic tracks recorded in Austin and the rock and roll here in France, well it would be magical.


For this to happen, I will need a VERY VERY VERY BIG HELPING HAND FROM ALL OF YOU!


In order to record the whole album, I need your participation!


Everyone is more than welcome to join at whatever level is possible; small or large. This is an adventure that we will be taking together and each contribution helps us advance step by step.



Here is the FIRST GIFT!! :


Everyone is more than welcome to join at whatever level is possible; small or large. This is an adventure that we will be taking together and each contribution helps us advance step by step.


In answer to your numerous requests, yes, I can now confirm that « Freedom Tonight » will be on the new album!


Here is an extract from a live performance of the song – just for you;)


Description : IFrame




This album will be painted the colors of 1970’s rock, as well as folk and blues ! There will be screaming guitar solos but also the sweet sound of acoustic guitar ! 




Here are a few videos from « Black to Blue »! a CD, a DVD et 2 videos came from that album!! Thank you al again so much for bringing the music to life !!!



Description : IFrame

Music video Secret Door:




You bring me such happiness, such good vibrations. There is that feeling that no matter what happens you will all always be there to help keep me going, you are the ones who keep me playing music for and with you !


Description : IFrame

Live of "Selfish Game" album release concert for Black to Blue at the New Morning, Paris, 2014



Music video of LYA, summer 2015 



Description : IFrame


Description : IFrameDo you remember ? There were some very high temperatures on stage in front of thousands and cooler times playing showcases in open places in below freezing weather . And yet you always showed up each and every time !!




I believe that that encounter with all of you is a true definition of happiness.  


The next album will have us travelling more and farther afield from town to town to meet you.





It is your support that will allow us to realize and finalize the recording of the album from A à Z!!!


This is an important step that we will share together!!!





You will be able to follow the evolution of the recording and after with videos, photos and commentary on social networks as well as via the  newsletter (you can sign up for it on the website




The goal is to have the album ready and in stores between February and April 2017

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the project!!

This album will give me the opportunity to meet you, wherever you may be!!!




Peace & Love




Allocation of funds



This sum will pay for the most important stage of recording the album.


·      10 days in the recording studio in France

·      Recording the 10 songs with an artistic director and sound engineer

·      Recording 2 acoustic tracks in Austin, Texas at Alnico Studios + 2 live sessions with local musicians from the Church house studio in Austin Texas + studio rental

·      Mixing the album

·      Mastering the album

·      Pressing the CD (5000 ex)

·      Pressing the Vinyl - collector limited edition (300 ex)

·      The commission of 8% for kiss kiss bank bank of the total achieved 




If we manage to go beyond this amount and of course, thanks to you we could:


With 20 000€:


We could: 


·     Record several tracks in Austin, Texas (or perhaps the whole album)

.     Extend the time spent in the studio in Austin, Texas

·     Film the music video

·     Press a higher number of albums



With more than 20 000€


We could: 


·      Invest in the promotion of the album by hiring a well known press officer  (this costs between 4000€ et 5000€ for a national press campaign with « France Presse et Radios » for a period of 3 months)





Now it is you all of you who have the power:)!!!!

And if I am here today it is already thanks to all of you!!!!!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone! and yes, I am a big fan of exclamation marks, it is my way of saying that you make me happy!!!


Let’s be crazy and see just how far we can take this!!


Your hold the key to this new album!!!


Thank You!


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