Gaelle maddy (pop décalée)

Help me finalize my new EP "Icarus", some pop mixed with a few electro sounds.

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Gaelle maddy (pop décalée)

gaelle maddy :  a lithe and lively voice meets a willquirky piano and song takes flame! Heady and sparkling, her melodies move, whatever their turn. For her passionate music explores the disquieting shadows of our experience then blithely transforms into a spirited and  playful joy.


The songs have already been recorded, and thanks to you they will be printed and distributed digitally.


The new EP "Icarus" will be played live in Paris, France, as well as other cities in France, Belgium etc. Hmm, if I can, doing a gig around San Francisco sounds like fun!


Check out the video clip for the song "Icarus" :


You can find out more on :


And if you are on SOundcloud, here are some audio extracts you can listen to :

Extracts - soundcloud

Allocation of funds

The money will be used to :


Print out the EP : 500 euros

-Printing CD + covers

-distribution n digital platforms


Communication : 1000 euros

- Printing flyers, posters, brochures etc

- FIlming of a live concert (musician and video crew wages, equipment rentals)


What is presented here is a minimum budget, but it doesn't have to stop here :-)

If i not only achieve my goal of 1400 euros but go way behond it, i can promote the EP, which would be very a nice and priceless bonus!


If you read this page in English, it probably means you are not in France, so ... if you wish a different reward for your contributation than the one offered to parisians/French people, please let me know and i'll ry to accomodate the best I can.


Thank you for your support!

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