Gard à la bière

"Gard à la Bière" is the Artisanal Beer Festival of the Gard Region, in the South of France, more precisely in Bessèges en Cévennes.

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Gard à la bière

The Marron Givrés (more or less meaning Glacé Chestnuts) is a club which aims to build bridges between its members, to do so all sorts of activities are being organised such as artistic workshops, outings and events like the Beer Festival, Gard à la Bière.


The aim of the festival is to create a big event going on for many years to revitalise the Cèze Valley, the river that goes through Bessèges an ex coal mining town.




The region is also rich in good quality local produces (chestnut specialities, goat’s cheese, honey…) and now beer!

The 12 or so artisan breweries of the Gard are invited to the festival, and every year one is selected as guest of honour who will in turn invite a brewer from another region.


Here are all the brewers coming:

La brasserie des Garrigues à Sommières Les bières d’Uzes LaBarbaude à Nîmes La brasserie de Beaucaire La brasserie Meduz à Uzes Les trois brasseurs à Nîmes La brasserie du Tourel à Soudorgues Le Mas Bernadis à Robiac-Rochessadoule En Ardèche,L’agrivoise En région parisienne, Outland A Londres, Partizan Brewing

This year the Brewerey La Barbaude from Nîmes invites Outland from Bagnolet in Paris,

Together they are creating a special brew bearing the name of the Festival, Gard à la Bière, which will be presented on the day.

There will be beer made live by Rolling Beers as well and we also have a special guest from London, Partizan!

Music will be present all day long (i.e.: DJ Duval MC) and many workshops and games for the youngest crowds (ecological roundabout, circus shows, clay workshops, electrical go kart cars…)


Everything to make everyone feel welcome,

See you then in Bessèges, 17th May 2014

Allocation of funds

Why are we collecting funds?


Four funding projects have been made (in a nutshell, the region, the department, the city and the hub of cities nearby)


However none of them will give any money before the event and we need a minimum amount to get started:


1000 printed glasses= 600€

10 000 flyers + 500 posters = 1000€

= 1600€


However we have already secured 850€ from local sponsors which are being paid before the event (La Treille, a cool offie in Bessèges,  Le Comptoir des Mousses, a beer shop in Alès, La Cave à Houblon, another beer shop in Nîmes and Rolling Beers, beer making supplies merchant in Vendargues).


The total amount needed is then 750€, therefore we need to raise 810€ through this site, this last amount includes the 8% commission fees.


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