Garden for Life / Jardin pour la Vie

HELP US CREATE a land of experimentation, a land of encounters, and a land for sustainability and progress!

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Garden for Life / Jardin pour la Vie

Here is my father and I in our 100% organic and self-sufficient garden----------------------





Passionate about responsible and collaborative agriculture, as well as shared experiences of life, my father and I are planning on developing an organic farm managed through a permaculture technique. Our wish is to produce organic and fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to other organic varieties of plants, trees, honey and other ecological and responsible products and make these affordable to whoever and forever!




We have the ambition to develop an organic farm, open to innovative techniques and experiments of watering, solar energy management and exploitation (solar panels and other solar oriented techniques as the region permits it for most of the year). We are also keen to utilize innovative planting techniques / tools and have been developing several clean transformations of organic waste into natural compost to keep the land’s fertility and encourage the plants and trees to grow faster and in a better shape!


Our ultimate objective is to develop this farm as a social project, with people eating from it, working in it and spreading an ecological and green habit throughout the households living around it. Furthermore, we wish to cooperate with the local farmers near the land and in the region in order to share any responsible agricultural savoir with them and learn further traditional agricultural knowledge that they have been inheriting through the time (planting techniques, secrets on hidden plants, tips on timings of planting local fruits and vegetables).


A bit of organic compost around the banana tree to make it grow faster and better in our garden at home :)--------------





In the short term, we will be conceiving a smart and efficient permacultural design of the farm to develop a circular and autonomous system of exploitation of the land and a sustainable farm in terms of resources and production. This project consists therefore of a self-sufficient farm, oriented into a smart combination of complementarities between each organic plant and product (fruits and vegetables, trees, honey), thus creating an instinctive biodiverse space in which each element depends on the other, and works for the other.


We imagine grapes watering tomatoes, the sun shining on the mangos, and the land performing great solos! :)


In the long term, we wish to welcome further “lil’hands” who are interested in responsible and innovative agriculture. Our fundamental objective being the cooperation with innovative minds in the field of responsible agriculture and natural resources oriented projects, we wish to share our value of eating qualitative and organic, and more importantly affordable, and make this beautiful gift of eating clean a habit and a possibility!


In the meantime, we are working on the elaboration of a program of pedagogic farm where today’s “lil’hands” (young students, but also older ones, we did not forget them!) will come to work the land, plant, grow it, water it, harvest it and propose their own views of how the farm of tomorrow should be. It is a necessity for us to make the farm a ludic and pleasant place, refreshing and eventually heartwarming!




ALSO: !!!!


We are planning on keeping a 300m2 (this is subject to extension afterwards) surface open to innovative and projective ideas to be tested and implemented. We are then developing this program through our ‘experimentarium’ surface and ‘implementarium’ space where those interested in planting old and new varieties of fruits and vegetables and ‘melanges’ can definitely do so, and those of advanced or ongoing innovative projects related to natural resources management and utilization of solar energy can try, test and implement them in their respective spots.


Please do not hesitate to share more ideas with us of further permaculture techniques, perspectives for the future and we would love to hear you all the way to here in Morocco !!!



Allocation of funds

 This crowdfunding will entirely serve to acquire the 10.000m2 land that my father and I want to transform into an ecological, organic and permacultural farm. Our friend the woodlice and us look very much forward to your support!!!






6500euros: Purchase of our 10.000m2 dream land!!!




520 euros EXTRA: 8% commission to KissKissBankBank.



Transparency obliges, if the crowdfunding succeeds, we will definitely send you a copy of the transaction contract, expliciting the amount invested in purchasing the land.


Furthermore, and with the wish of inscribing the farm into a sustainable project, we intend to develop a participative financing system, including the crowdfunding as well as other forms of human size innovative resources of funds.


IF we succeed (and we heartily hope so!!!), we will need:


1000euros: Local taxes and notary fees..


1000euros:  Variety of planting and watering tools+ Purchase of organic seeds + Hiring further "lil'hands", lovers of permaculture and organic products.



For now, we really want to concentrate on the acquisition of the land first, before we commence the conception and the concretization of a self-sufficient budget and material system of the land.






Within our crowdfunding, we hope to build friendly relationships with the donors who share our values and contribute to spread a common belief. We are not only seeking funds, but life stories, shared experiences, plurality of opinions and open mindedness in supporting a humanistic project.

We want to be your friends, share good times in the farm and about it, and build a common project that proves the unlimited capacity of participative actions rather than individual and isolated business oriented projects.

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