GARMENT 02 - La blouse versatile de LES IZMOOR

Support Les Izmoor in the launch of the Versatile Blouse: a piece created from the "scraps" of the most precious fabrics of luxury Houses

Project visual GARMENT 02 - La blouse versatile de LES IZMOOR
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GARMENT 02 - La blouse versatile de LES IZMOOR

"Producing less and in a more thoughtful way": Less is more Les Izmoor creates only one garment per season: versatile pieces designed with care that can be worn in different ways according to your mood, and adapt to different body sizes. Les Izmoor supports local Italian craftsmanship: our manufacturing is located less tan 60km from our office in Milan. Ensuring a low footprint and good relationships with artisans is our priority. Les Izmoor produces on demand: overproduction and overconsumption are the biggest environmental threats in the fashion industry. We want to change that.

Allocation of funds

This support will be used to cover the costs of launching the brand and the blouse: hours of work in the prototyping workshop, the purchase of the best Italian fabrics, a sustainable packaging, marketing (including the realization of a professional shooting)...

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