George L Experience - The album

George L Experience - First album - Help us to realize this projet !

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George L Experience - The album

At the current time, for an "independent" group, the idea to engage in the production of an album takes courage, madness or unconsciousness. Sale of albums being at a standstill (except perhaps for the great artists of the world), not clear how to finance such a project (and in addition on an archipelago of 6500 inhabitants, St. Pierre and Miquelon).


Then against all odds, a team of friends decided to start an adventure.


George Leveque, author/songwriter for his first pop/rock album with his team Eric Poitras, Oswen Laffitte, and Pascal "Bob" Simon. Thirteen tracks were selected to launch this artist through an authentic, energetic, fast-paced and always positive album.


The amount established through funding is symbolic in the sense that it does not cover all the expense. However the collected amount will help us greatly to overcome several costs of realization, to print the first copies and measure the enthusiasm for this project that we really take to heart.


So a big thank you in advance for your help,we are already infinitely grateful.


The release of the album is scheduled for the summer 2016.


And don't forget to share with everyone.


God bless.




Georges Lévêque : singer-song writer

Eric Poitras : guitar

Oswen Laffitte : drums

Pascal "Bob" Simon : bass







Allocation of funds

The money collected will serve to finance a part of the realization of the album :


- pre-prodution (800€)

- recording/mix (1500€)

- mastering (1300€)

- graphics (300€)

- press & print (1500€ for the 500 first CD)

- promotion & miscellaneous (depend of gain)


In case of success, if the gain is over the fixed amount, difference will be put on efficient promotion tools.



(The amount indicated includes all shipping and handling to final destination.)



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