Gilone : Producing my 1st album and music videos :)

Dears friends, support me to auto produce my 1st album !

Project visual Gilone : Producing my 1st album and music videos :)
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Gilone : Producing my 1st album and music videos :)

Hello dears,

Welcome to my music world, The other me. I’m singing and composing the insular study of my state of mind, after traveling around the past 10 years.

Gilone’s project combines my love for low fi electronic music with my passions for creative visuals, film, styling, traveling and dancing. At the moment, I'm auto-producing my first EP (mini album) in Paris. I need your contribution to finance my first music videos and the promotion of the album. In return, get some cool exclusive rewards ! Check my teaser here :

Thank you for making my dream come true.

I will never forget ;)

Lot of love.



Allocation of funds

Thanks to your participation, the funds collected will finance the production of my first two videos clips. In other words, this money will only be used to produce, promote and distribute this new album. All of these steps are relatively expensive. I will get involved in each of them, but I want to specify that I won't use this money for my personal needs.

Where the money will go ?

to pay the expenses of the team and production : crew of 8 people, air tickets, accommodation, rental of filming equipment, rental location, rental decor, rental van, local production : 10000 € Communication of the album: 5000 € + KissKissBankBank Commission

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