GLP 10th anniversary NEW album

Ten years of music together. We decided to celebrate the anniversary with recording a new album. prizes starting from ONE EURO!!!!!

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GLP 10th anniversary NEW album


We are Marco, Giuseppe and Daniele, but you call  Growlin' Love & Pain. Three school friends who ten years ago began to play and compose songs together, until one day they realized that they wanted to become rock stars . So we recorded an album and called it "Slightly" Tasteful “.It’s made of all the grit and the recklessness of three boys who had just started living their dream, with ambition and humility. If at least you were able to perceive the slight flavor of their compositions, that was exactly the first milestone reached. After sweaty sleepless nights and days spent trying, we have put all our soul until one day, with the album ready to be delivered, we decided to leave Italy to go play in Europe , the world, or at least - heck - try !!!! Ten years have passed, dear friends, and the close-knit trio of hotheads has survived until today.





Listen to  SLIGHTLY TASTEFUL here on Spotify


Marco Cinelli (Trijntje Oosterhuis, Nina Attal, Sherry Dyanne, Tofol Martinez, Devin, Tollak Ollestad) 31 years, currently living in Paris where he carries out an intense activity of concerts and record productions, is the singer and guitarist of GL&P;


Giuseppe D'Ortona (RR & The Capital Strokes, Coez, Luca D'Aversa, Jorma and the Groovemates) 32, lives in Rome and is an active session musician in the studio and live; he the drummer and singer GL&P;


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Daniele "Abas" Labbate (Kane, Orange Grove, Umeme Afrorave, Mad Professor) 32, is a producer and multi-instrumentalist living in Amsterdam, he runs for years the whole world in concerts and productions; he is the bassist and vocalist of GL&P .



Despite our personal commitments, we do not miss a chance to see each other, play together, organize extravagant tour in Europe, have fun with the same stupid jokes of a decade ago.  we found out having sold all the copies of the record "Slightly Tasteful", and we put on a stack of new songs. The idea to record them in the studio and put on a new album literally makes us watering at the mouth. 

We need you! Friends, fans, relatives, strangers, criminals, drug addicts, priests and presidential candidates, all of you can help us with a simple gesture. Help us to amortize the expenses of our new album, which as you know are far from few. With one euro we will offer you a digital copy of the album, because for you one euro can be just anything, but for us it means highway to heaven - or to HELL!. Quell'euro gives us confidence, hope, also keeps alive the dream of becoming a rock star since we are certain that we have still a fan somewhere. And that this fan is giving us a nice nudge. Thank you still want to listen to our music! Thank you all!!!!!!



                                                                                                                                      Growlin' Love & Pain.




to write us privately, please mail and object type "Marco", or "Daniele” or “Giuseppe” depending on who you would like to contact.

Allocation of funds

Your donations will be used to amortise the high costs for the production of an entire record. We decided to give you our album already with the donation starting from ONLY ONE EURO, so free your curiosity for little more than the price of a coffee, while for us it will be a huge help! Just because you rely so much in the realization of this great desire we chose rewards worthy of you:


Below explaining in detail (to access the rewards and make your donation follow the vertical column to the right of this page)


- ONE EURO UP: The whole album in digital form ready for you !!!!!!! Oh, yes you read that right, already with a EURO you will take home this fabulous gift, plus the cover of excellent quality mp3 files!

Want to donate more than one euro? No problem, there is no price limit on the donation. free to contribute with the sum you thinks is most appropriate. We obviously welcome you with open arms!!!


- FROM 5 EUROS UP:  We sell for this very special prize the first historical album of GL&P “Slightly Tasteful” and we send it to you via mail. You can fill in your home address after you selected this reward. The prize will be delivered once the campaign is completed. 

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- FROM 50 EUROS UP: With digital album will have a wonderful exemplary 140 grams  33 rpm / 12-inch vinyl autographed by the three of us; not only that, but your name will be written on the list of special thanks. Another reason to be thankful to all the great contribution you are giving, and for that we thought there was a need for a very special prize.


- FROM 100 EUROS UP: Along with the vinyl and the digital copy, we give you the opportunity with just 50 euro more to come and attend our recording session !!! There will be different sessions planned, and the next and is scheduled for MONDAY October 31 until November 3 THURSDAY. Hurry up as it is right in a few days !!!! If you've just contributed to this option, do not forget to write immediately to learn more about the where and when of our appointment by sending an email to


- FROM 200 EUROS UP: Along with the vinyl and the digital copy, we decided to overtake us and really give the opportunity for our fans to actively contribute to the recording of the album. What a better contribution than for you ​​TO PLAY with us! Yes, our dream will soon be yours too. Can you sing? Do you play an instrument? You have talent? Have you always dreamed of recording an album? Do not waste any more time, choose this option and all your wildest dreams will be reality.

We will choose with you which part you will play, a solo, a rhythm part, a groove, a chorus line, a spoken sentence, there really is room for everything. But be quick to participate, the available places are only four ... ..


 - FROM 250 EUROS UP : PARIS and ILE-DE_FRANCE ONLY: you will have the chance to have Marco play for you in your apartment. He will bring his acoustic guitar  and will perform a private show of his best repertory for you and your friends. 


- FROM 500 EUROS UP: Only two spots available for this chilling offers !!!!

If you live in Italy or in Europe we pay you a ticket, we put you on a plane or in a train, and let you spend ONE FULL DAY together with Growlin Love and Pain !!!! There will be fun, exchange of ideas, listening sessions, taking photos, going out at night for a drink .... in short, nothing more exciting if GLP is your favorite band. Obviously everything will be at our expense, you must only think about having fun! Even for you there will be the digital album and vinyl autographed, plus your full name under "executive producer”. Not bad right? ;)




The costs of recording are many, here are the most important:


- Recording studio

- Rental equipment, hire additional musical instruments, sound engineer expenses

- Airline flights (all three live in different countries)

- Mix and the final production

- master

- Vinyl releases


etc. etc...



We will strive to realize the disk of our dreams within six months from the end of the collection. Word of Rocker.



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We look forward to your help, so spread the word, and believe in us!

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