Go Into the Light

Please help fund a self-published photo book about the absence of light.

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Go Into the Light

Two and a half years ago my doctor told me I have a Vitamin D deficiency. No surprise – I lived in a tiny apartment in Paris with almost no direct sunlight. So I began to pay attention to the small amount of light that did enter my flat. It was just a sliver for maximum 3 hours a day in the summer. And I began to photograph it.




It was a very quiet process and I would get completely absorbed in the moment, watching the sliver of light grow and shrink as the sun passed through the sky, watching it change shape as I moved the camera and changed perspective. It was actually interesting to shoot such a basic simple subject matter, and because of its simplicity it became almost like a meditation.  The resulting images are similar to each other, but all have differences (although some very subtle).





I've decided to turn these images into a self published photo book. This book isn't about a huge grand idea, rather its purpose is to show a slice of life – just a small experience of a guy living in Paris.




It will be presented as an unbound collection of prints. Not a traditional book format, but almost like a folder from which the prints can be removed to look at.  Here are some test prints as an example.  




Allocation of funds

It's a small run (200 books), but still an expensive process. Although the images are simple, it's difficult to correctly print images with so much variation in the blacks, so I'm working with an expert lithographer which raises costs.


The book will be 40 pages, each a double page image so a total of 20 images.


This isn't a project I expect to make profit from – I'm doing it simply for the love of photo books. It's my first photo book, but I have another one designed and ideas for others. Eventually I'd like to establish my own publishing house to publish my books and other people's photo books as well.


3505 – binding, printing

2125 – lithography, production

5630 – total


I'm hoping to offset the cost by raising 2500 euros. The rest I will fund myself.


I have an idea for a future project where I take pictures of crowdfunders. If you're interested and donate 10 euros or more, we can do something.

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