God save the queen, We save the mountain Gorilla

Help protect mountain gorillas ! Video report on these gorillas and safeguarding campaign.

Project visual God save the queen, We save the mountain Gorilla
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God save the queen, We save the mountain Gorilla

The mountain gorilla is between 1.4 and 2 meters. He lives in the African Great Lakes (Rwanda, Uganda, DRC). the species is now more than a few hundred individuals (880 in 2012). Several national parks have been created in these countries in order to preserve the species, including the National Park des Volcans in Rwanda.





My plan is to go to Rwanda in the Volcanoes National Park, make a trek of several hours in the primary forest, and observe, once found, a family of mountain gorillas.


I will do a video report on this expedition


This mini video report will highlight :

- Organisation / logistics (in order to help tourists who wants to see the moutnain gorillas)

- But ESPECIALLY the importance of saving this species so close to humans.





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