Gold of Bengal : Premier voilier en fibre de jute

Gold of Bengal aims at developing in Bangladesh a new ecomaterial made of jute fibers. This "agrocomposite" called the "Pàt" is a solution to an ecological issue : the need of an alternative to fiberglass. Meanwhile it answers a local social and economical need : the renewal of the jute industry in Bangladesh. Our current project is to build a boat in Pàt in order to create a prototype which will be a living proof of the material efficiency and a great promotion tool.

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Gold of Bengal : Premier voilier en fibre de jute








Gold of Bengal is a research program of the Watever association, based in Bangladesh. It aims at developing a new eco-material made of jute fiber. (




In 2009 Corentin de Chatelperron went to Bangladesh to work for the  TaraTari shipyard. He observed two issue :


- The growing use of fiberglass in the boat construction while this polluting material is not recyclable


- The decline of the Bangladesh jute industry, of which depend 40 million people, despite the several properties of this natural fiber.


Corentin had an idea and started his researches on a composite made of jute. He created a first material and to prove its efficiency he built a boat including 40% of jute. Aboard this boat he travelled from Bangladesh to France in 6 months


(a book is available in french: L'aventure de Tara Tari  la Découvrance editions

Back to Bangladesh he kept researching with Ary (textile engineer).

Together they develop the "Pàt", a new composite material able to replace fiberglass in several applications


Then came in march 2012 Pierre-Alain (engineer) to launch the technical jute fabric production, and Elain (From EDHEC Business School) to work on project development. In October 2012 Arthur (engineer) and Louis-Marie (Business & Development) joined the team.







Our current project is to build the first boat in Pàt


First boat built with infusion in Bangladesh - Bigger jute infusion in the world, this boat is a way to improve our researches on the material and to communicate on its potentialities


Sponsored by Roland Jourdain, this boat will allow to:


On a technical point of view:



- Improve our researches on the material.

- Test the production of big product in Pàt.

- Test the ageing of the material in water.

- Put a cost on the ecological and economical advantages of jute intead of fiberglass.



On a promotional point of view:



- Communicate on the jute fiber potentialities and natural fibers in a general way as alternative to fiberglass.

- Convince future partners to get involved in the project.






Every weeks, Gold of Bengal invites you to discover the boat construction :

from the idea to the first time in water, you will witness the scenary of this human, ecological and social adventure.


At each new episode you will learn more on the construction of "Gold of Bengal" and meet the actors of the project.


Episode 1 : The Idea



Episode 2: The Pàt



Episode 3: The Infusion




Episode 4 : Watever





Episode 6 : Le Sampan




Allocation of funds




Take part in the world first construction of a boat made of jute fibers ! 


The boat construction already started. Partners help us to support the labour costs, facilities...     



 We count on you to support the cost of materials needed for the construction (raw material, equipment...).


Therefore "Gold of Bengal" won't be the boat of one project, but the real ambassador of a new naval construction way and of a all community who think that technology and ecology can go along.


We want to build a community around this boat. "Gold of Bengal" is a way, a tool to create conscience awakeness and show the world that an alternative to fibreglass does exist.



Cost of Material :


(the rest are the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fees)


 The investment is important but we count on every single donations. The size doesn't matter ! (we will never say it enough)


Remember that it is by gathering million of jute fiber linked with resin that we can make the boat.

Be the fibers, we will be the resin.










Gold of Bengal it is a team of 6 persons working in Bangladesh and many others who work with us from France or pass by to give a hand on the field.


In Bangladesh there are :


"Chief Utopist ":


Corentin de Chatelperron

Project Manager since the beginning, Corentin is general engineer (ICAM). After working 3 year on wind energy and eco-tourism, he went to Bangladesh in 2009 to assist Yves Marre for the creation of the TaraTari shipyard. He discovered the jute and its potentialities. Convinced that western scientific skills should be used to help the developping countries for a sustainable development, he decided to start the  research project on jute.







The Engineers :


Ary Pauget

National Superior School of Art and Textile Industry engineer, Ary joined the project in 2011. His passion for sailing and his technical background in the textile industry drove him to specialize himself in the conception of jute fabric for the naval construction.



Pierre-Alain Lévêque    

ICAM General engineer, Pierre-Alain joined the project in march 2012. His skills in mechanics are very useful to design the production process for the technical fabric in jute




Arthur Pénet  

ICAM General engineer, Arthur joined the project in October 2012. He's in charge of the production improvement. His passion for sailing the his interest for the project encourage him to join Gold of Bengal.  


The "White Collars":



Elaine Le Floch


Recently graduated of EDHEC Business School she joined the project in May 2012. Her hair are of the same colour than jute ! Is it a coincidence ?



Louis-Marie de Certaines

After completing the ESCD 3A (School of Business & Development) he joined the project in October 2012. He had a previous experience in Bangladesh, Gold of Bengal made him come back !


Both are extremely interested in Social Business. They are in charge of the project development, communication and fundraising (behind this crowdfunding and the facebook page, that's us! ah!)






The project has been elected great laureate of the Latécoère Fundation for social innovation 2012 and won the first prize of the bourse du rêve pour l'entrepreneuriat social (social entrepreneurship prize)



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