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Graines de Vie




We throw a call to build a community movement for safeguarding of vegetable and fruit species under threat and reclaim the basis of food sovereignty for a healthy and responsible food.








The ancient used to feed themselves on more than 3.000 edible vegetable species.

More than 500 vegetables could be found 150 years ago on the tables in France.

75% of the edible species have disapeared in less of one century.

(figures given by the UN and FAO)




Loss of skills and knowledge, and industrial standardization impoverished our food so that you have to eat 26 to-day's peaches to reach the nutrional value of 1 peach of the 50's.

In the past the apple's varieties contained 100% more vitamins than some modern varieties.




(Results of the recently published study Still No Free Lunch, Brian Halweil, World Watch Institute (USA)).





Freeing and democratizing the skills linked to the maintenance and reproduction of traditional vegetable and fruit seeds we shall :


Create an educational free on-line video program, accessible to all.


Safeguard and multiply 150 endangered ancient varieties facing extinction.


An example of educative video :







With the support of associations of ecological gardening based on free exchanges and services such as « Incroyables Comestibles » (Incredible Edible), « Graines de Troc » (Seeds of barter) ...


Among our first partners


- Incredible Edible

- Slow Food

- Slow Money


They support us :



and many others, here in french.




On our site for those who speak French Graines de Vie

you will find : 

incredible stories of vegetables





You also can follow us on our Facebook page and help us publicize our action : facebook page.


Allocation of funds





Your participation and contribution will help to educate citizens and associations to reproduce seeds locally .


1/3 of the collected funds will help to create 200 ambassadors originated from the main movements and associations committed to save biodiversity. Those ambassadors will commit themselves to pass on their knowledge to 50 persons in the year.* Those ambassadors will receive a free 4 days formation in the Conservatory of Sainte Marthe, in Sologne, in the center of France. Here they will learn all secrets of reproducing and conserving seeds.


1/3 of the funds will be dedicated to create tutorial on-line free videos. This content will be produced in partnership with SIKANA Nature and the trainers of the Sainte-Marthe's farm. All the methods of reproduction and conservation of seeds will be illustrated so that they will democratize this knowledge.


1/3 of the collected funds will help to save 150 endangered vegetable and fruit varieties. These seeds will be distributed to the ambassadors « seeds of life ». * 200 ambassadors who will train 50 qualified people = 10 000 people



Choose your reward


You are a sympathising member of the association Intelligence Verte and have unlimited participation to our events (Field Day, Interviews of Sologne).
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The previous gift plus your photograph and name on the Graines de Vie pages of together with the sponsors who contribute to the project Graines de Vie.
  • 371 backers


All previous gifts plus our e-book « Emerging Species »
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All previous gifts plus a dedicated book of Philippe Desbrosses, or the game Ecolandi
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All previous gifts plus participation to a meeting/debate with Philippe Desbrosses on traditional knowledge about seed production (group meeting organised in Paris).
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  • Estimated delivery May 2015


All previous gifts plus a workshop of your choice : Organic Gardening, Reproduce one's Seeds of Life, Work Different, Organic Cooking
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All previous gifts plus 2 workshops of your choice : Organic Gardening, Reproduce one's Seeds of Life, Work Different, Organic Cooking
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All previous gifts plus one complete workshop cycle of Organic Gardening in the training center of Sainte Marthe in Sologne.


    All previous gifts plus 50 days of professional training Organic Agriculture and Sectors.

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