Greenastic: du jardin virtuel au réel

Change the way you create and manage your garden with the first landscaping tool online

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Greenastic: du jardin virtuel au réel


Behind Greenastic, there is a team of 4 dynamic and young people:

- one professional landscaper from the Prestigious School of Versailles

- one biologist with more than 10 years of experience in the research field

- one person in charge of the marketing from the HEC School

- one informatics developer specialised in web application development


All together, we believe that biologic and autonomous garden will have a crucial role to maintain biodiversity. That's why we will create a ludic tool, with a professional layout, that helps people to design their own organic garden, terrace or balcony that respond to their needs.


In each start-up forum where we have presented Greenastic, the audience really like our project. We decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign because we think that our future client could be our sponsor!


Please, let us introduce the Greenastic project!





Greenastic is the very first website that is dedicated to design and creation of your garden, terrace or balcony. From your sofa, you will be guided, step by step, to realize your garden that corresponds to your needs, profile and properties of your garden. You will design a full autonomous and biological garden that will not need any pesticides.

Greenastic is your personal advisor and will help you to pick among 5000 high quality plants and garden furniture the ones that suite you the best that we can deliver in entire Europe.


Take time to understand what is Greenastic: a tool that allow you to take care about your piece of eden from the web.








From a computer or an iPad, geotag your field, enter your needs and tie that you want to spend to maintain your garden and let the magic begin!

Greenastic is a tool that will calculate for you the best dynamic and neighborhood for each plant that you will pick up. As we will transcribe landscaper knowledge and experience, you will see in which area you can put a plant. With a Drag-and-Dop tool, you will be able to select items that you like (plants, tree, vegetable) and plant them directly in your garden




You want to design a kitchen garden or flowerbeds? it is really easy. You can select a kitchen garden or flowerbed designed by our landsapers or you can draw the area where you want to have a kitchen garden or a flowerbed. Greenastic will calculate the exact numbers of plants/vegetables that could be filled in this area. You will have to select the plant/vegetables that you want!


For those how have no idea about which plant they want, we have developed "kit" where you will have a good combination of plants that will, for example, bloom all the year.


Last point: all the plants that you will have access in your catalogue will match to your profile. If you just want to maintain your garden 1hour per week, You will not need to maintain your garden each day because a plant needs lot of work.


Design your landscape quietly and easily from you sofa with your computer or tablet.





Once you have designed your dreamed and virtual garden, you wil be able to order all your items directly through the web application. We will deliver all your items at your home.

For those who want, we will come with our professional team and will realize your garden exactly as you wished.


Create a garden of your dream is now really easy with Greenastic.




Greenastic will be you own dedicated landscape designer and gardener!



As you will create a good dynamic in your garden, your plants will fight together against insects. The goal of Greenastic is to provide a garden where you do not need any pesticides!

Eat Bio vegetable is not what you want when you have your own kitchen garden?



- an e-store where you will find, at any time, all the product that you need for your garden.

- access to gardening advice

- a tool to manage your gardening's budget thanks to our cost overview tool.


Let's stop talking, have a look on our video  :



You like the product and the company? Support us. How? 3 easy ways:

- First, like the greenastic homepage on facebook HERE Thumbs28-1448613026

- Second, share this crowdfunding page with all your contacts (others could be interested in) Network3-1448613272

- Then, if you really like the product, join the venture in participating in this campaign. Group57-1448614165



Thank you!



For those who want to have more information:


We are developing a web application corresponding to the landscaper knowledge. We want to make your life easier. Because this web application is based on specific algorithms taking into account more than 50 parameters by plant, you will be guide step by step for the creation of you project. You will be able to select your profile (beginning to professional) and the time you would like to spend in your garden for the maintenance. With more than 5'000 products, Greenastic, your personal landscaper, will help you to select your perfect items.


Here is an overview of what Greenastic manages:

- Plants sunshine/shadow needs

- Blossom timeframe for plants and trees as well as vegetables and fruits growth

- Size and volume of each plant for a specific area

- Colour matching for flowerbeds

- Ecologic impact for each plant

- … many other parameters to optimize your garden


Greenastic also helps you after the design phase to maintain your garden through the year with the following information:

- Water needs for plants, trees and vegetables

- When to cut, plant, seed, … for each plant

- When and what specific cares are needed

- … many others to avoid bad surprise!

Allocation of funds

The money will help us to launch Greenastic. Indeed the full development of the application is around 100'000€. Hopefully we have already lot of properties but, we now need to develop strongest algorithms to create the easiest tool for users. To do that, we have to engage companies that are specialized in the development of robust algorithms.



Here is the detail of our needs :

15'000 € : Develop complex algorithms that take into consideration more than 50 parameters per plant (sunshine, climat, plant's interactions....) to help users, that do not have botanic knowledge, to create the perfect garden with the best composition.

14'000 €: Develop a 3D view technology. Currently we have only a 2D view that is not enough to create a full immersion of customers in their futur garden. This technology will allow to have a more realistic and friendly web application.

3'500 €: Develop a great order system when you can delete product on your card without affecting your design. Indeed, you would probably like to delete or add more items of a product without changing the design that you have done!!

5'000 €: Develop the catalog of all the products with pictures. We have already done 3'500 products but 1'500 have to be processed and all the clipping process have to be done! This work have to be done to allow user to have a correct product placed with a drag and drop technology directly on their garden.

4'500 €: Develop website properties (filters to have access to the catalog with easy search tools, payment technology, traduction in 3 languages of the entire products and website...)

8%: taxes of KissKissBankBank.


If we reach 20'000€, and then 43'000€, we will be able to develop more technologies and options (from 10'000€ for small technologies, up to 100'000€ to develop the web application in the full 3D technology.

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