Fund the mastering and the pressing of "Mrs Peelings" the 2nd LP/12 tracks of Grout/Grout

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You are here to help at the release of the Grout/Grout's second LP, "Mrs. Peelings" on the music label Candy Crockodile. 12 tracks were recorded and mixed. Now we need your help to fund the mastering and pressing of this CD.  

Before you start, you can listen to some songs from this LP a little further down this page. Choose among the many counterparties from the list on the side. Know that you take no risk in subscribing, your contributions will be automatically refunded if the project doesn't reach its goal.


A Big Thank for your participation!!!




Some tracks from the next LP you may listen to here :

Grout/Grout are

Sylvain Grout : Songwriting, lead vocals, guitar

Céline Guy : Bass guitar, backing vocals

Japy Lo Pinto : Drums, percussions, backing vocals

Avelin Castello : Guitar, percussions


Grout/Grout is a funny name. If you want to know why the band is named so, just have a look to the one who initiated this project. Grout is simply his family name. First, Grout/Grout was about 12 solo songs, written and home recorded on an LP called "Warm/Worms". Today, it's a little bigger project carried by a quatuor with a bit more of electricity, came to serve as recommended some new songs. Heavily fed with 60's pop music, Grout/Grout's universe is based on the influence of the essential Beatles/Bowie/Kinks, sometimes Elliott Smith et sometimes Strokes or Alex Turner flavoured. To consume without moderation on stage or during long winter nights. Grout/Grout scratches, Grout/Grout squeaks, Grout/Grout flows, Grout/Grout warms. What else ?


Grout/Grout on stage at « Les trois baudets » - Paris 11/1/2013


Waiting for the next video clip, you can watch « Topless Bunnies Carwash Station » video, from the first Grout/Grout’s LP.



Some possible rewards


Allocation of funds

Mastering: 600 €

Pressing of 1000 ex. digisleeve CD: 960 €

Mechanical Reproducting Rights (SDRM): 800 €

100 ex. of the first LP’s replication + SDRM: 400 €

50 Grout/Grout Tshirts - one color silkscreened: 260 €

Promotion (CD send + press and radio promotion): 200 €

KissKissBankBank fee : 280 €


If the total contributions exceed the goal, the surplus will be used to promote the album's release.


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