The project

Hello my name is Maxim , i currently have my salon based in Ixelles, but my dream is to move to a new location in st gilles and for that I need your help .

I have found the perfect building to open my new salon!

The place has a distinctive facade and a lot of potential. The deal is almost done! I have my budget plan, a contractor, an interior designer and I am super motivated to make this happen.

I have already made a lot of investments myself but i am still in need of 5000 euros to finalize the whole project and to make my dream come true! For this I need your help, you can contribute to help me reach my goal by paying a haircut in advance for a reduced price! And who knows, maybe this cutt will already be in the new salon!

Why fund it?

If I can collect the €5000 before the 19th of April, I get the loan from the bank. This means I can finance my entire project: the building, the renovations and the interior!

The money goes to my project only and will be transferd to my businessaccount . 

If the collect surpasses the goal , the surplus will cover the costs off extra renaovationworks 

Already a big thanks to all of you and i hope to see you soon in my new hairsalon in St-Gilles

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Een extraatje , altijd leuk !!! Een succes zal het zeker worden, Wim & Nathalie xxx
looking forward, Maxim! GO GO GO!!!
Feest! Proficiat