Haïti, la reconstruction d'un peuple

This project aims the achievement of a video report on how the Haitian nation could get up, six years after this terrible earthquake.

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Haïti, la reconstruction d'un peuple

On the 12th of January 2010, an earthquake killed over 230 000 people and destroyed the island. A lot of people lost their houses and the damages costed over 7,8 000 000 000 dollars. But today, almost 6 years later, what is the real situation in Haiti? How the fund that have been sent to Haiti by Many humanitarian associations contributed to the reconstruction of the island ? And to what extend the population did benefit from them ?



Despite the huge mobilisation from all over the world and all the donations, the reconstruction seems to be really slow. The nation is vulnerable: most of them are homeless and live in misery. They are living in special camps but life conditions are getting more and more difficult.



Our main goal is to realize what is the real situation on the island. What has been done over the last 5 years? What need to be done?


We decided to start this project because it is very touching and because we will be support by a school principal Mr Sauveur Content and by Zofia Witucka, founder of the association PolskHaïti.



We will be volunteer and working in a school that has been completely destroyed 5 years ago. In return, we will visit different associations and speak to different involved persons. We will take pictures and make a short movie that will illustrate what we saw during our trip.


Another aspect that particularly interests us is the cultural one. We will try to find several musicians. Indeed, Haïti is known for its voodoo culture, through which many artists are trying to convey a message, to transmit the memories of this country generation after generation.



Education has been damaged and really neglected. We are very touched by this situation. Our goal is to remind that 5 years later, Haiti needs help. 



We will post our short movie on association's websites and we will share as much as we can our project. 


We thank you for your support and your interest in our project. Your contribution, whatever it is, will really help us.


We remind that our school offers us no subsidy, so we must obtain funding for ourselves .  


For your information, know that we will try to keep you informed of the progress of our project via this page and also on our Facebook page:


Haïti, reconstruction of a nation


Feel free to share without moderation !


Allocation of funds


The money we will reap will contribute to :


- Pane tickets : 800 € x 3 = 2400 €


- Food : 5 € a day = 100 € for 20 days x 3 = 300 €


- Vaccines : 100 € x 3 = 300 €


- Accomodation : we will be housed on site through our contacts 


- Micro : 50 €


- Camera cross : 100 €


- Sound material : 100 €


- Travel : 300 €


-  unforeseen: 200 € 


Total Budget : 3750 € 





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