Help me launch my t-shirt and sweatshirt brand, 100% hand-embroidered and customizable, made by a little American in Paris!


The project

The brand


Hello Jonesie is a t-shirt and sweatshirt brand made in Paris and embellished with 100% hand-stitched embroideries made by the HJ founder, Amy Jones. All creations are made and shipped from Paris, France, hand-made with extreme care.




A little bit about the creator


A designer and DIY enthusiast from Nashville, Tennessee, I have been living, studying and creating in Paris, France since January 2012. The Hello Jonesie story truly began in 2009 as I learned to embroider while studying Fiber Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Six years later, the launch of Hello Jonesie comes from a profound love for design and embroidery and a desire to share my hand-stitched creations.



The concept


Following the launch, there are 3 different collections in place, and each one is customizable in several different ways, given that every Hello Jonesie article is made-to-order. Following this KissKissBankBank campaign, I will be launching a 4th collection, dedicated to other designers (you guys!). Check out the rewards to your right to find out more about how you can be a part of the collection! ;)





This collection allows you to choose 10 characters max, embroidered in the color of your choice. Be creative! It can be a word you love or even a short phrase.








For the Hello Jonesie collection, you can choose among 40 designs on my website to be embroidered in one or several colors.

The themes? Patterns / Animals / Objects / Words

Check out all the designs currently available on my website at








I am also here to make you completely customized t-shirts and sweatshirts inspired by an image, a logo, a drawing, an idea, etc… I work with you in order to embroider exactly what you want!






After receiving your custom design request, I will send you a confirmation of the details requested along with a quote, an idea of the fabrication time and a mockup of the final creation for your approval. Once I have your OK, I will start stitching! The possibilities are endless, really!




Colors & Cotton


Thread colors available: Burgundy / Red / Copper / Magenta / Light pink / Turquoise / Hunter green / Navy blue / Eggshell blue / Lavender / Mustard yellow / Light gray / White / Cream / Black


T-shirts and sweatshirts: All Hello Jonesie t-shirts and sweatshirts are available in three colors:


We offer specific models for both women and men.






What’s more, our t-shirts and sweatshirts are of an incredibly high quality, made from 100% ring spun or combed cotton – so they are super soft to the touch! 








Why fund it?

The funds raised here will be put towards my first large order of articles (t-shirts and sweatshirts) and materials (thread, hoops, packaging, etc). By having this stock on hand I will be able to produce your custom articles in a shorter delay without having to reorder stock every few weeks.


The funds will also go towards the conception and printing of professional lookbooks in order to communicate about my brand with Parisian and European boutiques and hopefully launch my resellers network.


If I am able to collect more than 3 000 €, this will eventually go towards the development of a more interactive website where clients will be able to hand place and design their articles directly on the site.  



And of course I want to thank you for all of your help!!!

Please see the column to your right for a full list of rewards being offered in exchange for your generosity.


A couple of things to keep in mind:


- Shipping prices are included in the rewards! However, if you are ordering from outside of France, please donate a bit more for shipping costs (EUROPE: 5 € extra, OUTSIDE OF EUROPE: at least 15 € extra - I'm really sorry to all of my compatriots, shipping to the US is so expensive!) 


- All rewards with an HJ tote bag or hand-embroidered t-shirts have an estimated delivery time of June 2015. I will do my best to get them out as soon as possible, but as every article is handmade by me, it's a lot of work :) Please be patient and contact me if ever you need your article rushed for a special occasion. 


- KissBankers who will conceptualize their own design for our DESIGNERS collections, I will get in contact with you following the campaign. The design that you choose or draw must not be offensive or explicit and must be made of thin lines (see my website for examples of current designs) - also it must not copy other artists' work! If you are not artistic, we can talk about the concept together and collaborate on the design. Your design will be listed on my site credited to you and with the title of your choice and HJ clients will be able to order your design following the official launch!



Once again, do not hesitate to contact me through here, Facebook, on my website or by email ( if you have any questions whatsoever! And of course....








Hello Jonesie is a t-shirt and sweatshirt brand made in Paris and embellished with embroideries 100% hand-stitched by myself, Amy Jones. A designer and DIY enthusiast from Nashville, Tennessee, I have been living, studying and creating in Paris, France since January 2012. Currently finishing my Masters degree in Communications with a specialty in... See more

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C A N O N ! j'ai hâte de recevoir mon tee-shirt !
C A N O N ! j'ai hâte de recevoir mon tee-shirt !