Hello Change is a one year trip to meet the social entrepeneurs that inspire our world in a positive way, accross Asia and Africa.


The project

Our goal is to Meet social entrepreneurs who actively improve the leaving conditions of local populations and communities, to Experiment their innovations with them and with children trough creative workshops and to Share these initiatives as broad as possible.


Our 3 pilars: Meet, Experiment, Share



During our journey, we will meet and interview some social entrepreneurs and beneficiary people. For example :

We will stay few days in social incubators in India, Bangladesh and Kenya. We will travel across Rajashtan and discover many social innovations. We will meet young entrepreneurs in Mongolia or we will participate to the Social Design Lab activities in Dacca...



Experiment is our willingness to get involve with the local communities and in social entrepreneurs work to make things better.


We will organize some participative creative workshops to help the entrepreneurs to answer their challenges. The idea is to conduct some brainstormings with voluntary people to answer some issues and questions to that might help the entrepreneur.

We will also act in schools and associations with a workshop specific for children. With the Design for change method, we will adress children and show them they can also be real actor of their lives. We will help them to identify an challenge to solve and work with them to create a solution.



Our main aim is to share our journey.

We would like to be the voices of the positive innitiatives that change our world. We will share as broad as possible, internet site, social network... follow HelloChange !


Our "achievements"


A web-documentary, short format that will be available on youtube.


The internet site HelloChange.Co with :

- articles on theses meainingfull initiatives.

- photo-reportages of the workshop with children.

- articles and stories of change on press, radio...

Les ateliers créatifs


Our participative challenges :  You can also be actor of our journey and participate in our project ! How? by sending us a challenge ! We will send you back another challenge to make you discover the social initiatives close to your home. For example : send us the challenge to eat a real spicy indian meal, we will offer you to read Socialter and share some positive innovations you liked.


Where, When and How ?


We are leaving the 8th of February 2015 to India, our first stop.


In total, we will cross 10 countries : India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya.


Collaborative economy will be part of our way of travelling : free accomodation for services, shared transportation and local food, help to local associations... We wil try to limit as much as possible our carbon footprint during our journey and induce exchanges as much as possible.



Why fund it?

Our fundraising campaign will enable us to buy the needed material to create our achievements: videos, photo-reportage, workshops. We need you for : 


Equipment for the creative workshops: 150€

Camera and accessories: 600€

Light and sound accessories: 250€

Photo camera and accessories: 250€

Laptop: 750€

Memory cards and hardware : 200€

Cost of the internet site (hosting and domain names): 100€

Kisskissbankbank fee: 200€


Digital Strategist depuis 10 ans, spécialiste des problématiques numériques en tout genre. Passionné par les innovations et l’économie collaborative, j’ai déjà financé plusieurs projets sur des sites de Crowdfunding dont KissKissBankBank. A mon tour maintenant de lancer mon projet !! HelloChange c'est une belle histoire de voyage, de solidarité,... See more

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Par votre intermédiaire, nous allons rencontrer, expérimenter et partager. Merci à vous et vivez les choses à fond, vous êtes en train de faire ce dont on rêve parfois et que l'on ne fait jamais ! Christine.
Amusez-vous bien et partagez avec nous vos belles trouvailles :) Vous allez nous manquer !
Bon vent ma famille,ramenez tout plein d'histoires... Je vous aime fort.....