Make the 50th ‘Dodentocht’ go right through the castle!

With your support, 13,000 participants of the 50th ‘Dodentocht’ will walk right through the castle and the lake (and so will you!)

Project visual Make the 50th ‘Dodentocht’ go right through the castle!
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Make the 50th ‘Dodentocht’ go right through the castle!

On Friday 9th August 2019, the 50th ‘Dodentocht’ is coming through the park of Castle d'Ursel in Hingene. The Dodentocht is a walking trail of 100 kilometers in 24 hours. Every year we do something special for the passage through the park and for this 50th edition we want to go the extra mile. After all, it is a double celebration, because 25 years ago the province of Antwerp saved the castle from ruin, restored it and gave it new life.

That's why we want to do something very spectacular: allow all 13,000 participants of the ‘Dodentocht’ to walk right through the castle and the lake: through the front door, through the entrance hall and the mirrored room, over the balustrade of the terrace and then ... 100 meters over a pontoon bridge that is floating in the lake. With lighting, projection and music it will be an unforgettable celebration of these 25th and 50th birthdays. Have a look at our rewards and help us to make it happen!

For nearly four centuries, the castle of Hingene was the favorite summer residence of the noble d'Ursel family. Since 1994, the castle and park have been the property of the province of Antwerp, who lovingly restores the old glory and brings new life to it. Read more on

The aim of the ‘Dodentocht’ is to complete a 100-kilometer course in the rural area between Antwerp and Brussels within 24 hours. It was first organized in 1970 with 65 participants. Now it's time for the 50th edition, with a maximum number of registrations of 13,000 participants. Read more on


Allocation of funds

The cost to install the pontoon bridge on the lake is 13,000 euros: exactly 1 euro for each participant in the 50th ‘Dodentocht’ ... But we naturally want to do better. With every euro you give extra support, we ensure an unforgettable setting with lighting, projections and music. Help the ‘Dodentocht’ through the castle and explore the most beautiful of the 100 kilometers yourself. Because everyone who helps is very welcome to walk through the castle and the lake, before or after the ‘Dodentocht’.

PS: if we wouldn’t achieve the goal, then every euro collected will be refunded immediately and in full.

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