Help Haring to release his new EP!

Haring is composing his new EP and need your help to release it!

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Help Haring to release his new EP!


I'm Yann aka Haring, a young brussels (belgium) based musician and producer passionate of captivating, dreamy and melodic sounds. Authors of several EP (Gold Coast / Translation (2013), Dust Above Mountains (2013) and Nowadays (2014)), I have also made many remixes for various artists and founded in 2013 my own label Venja Venja Records. Influenced by artists such as Gold Panda, Chrome Sparks, Rone or Tycho, I propose a dreamy music inspired by my travels around the world and my long nights searching for the perfect sound. 2014 was a special year for me because it was the year when the project has found his soul, identity and some success. Indeed, in May 2014 I released the song "Us" which was listened more than 700,000 times (all platforms) and was used in one of the ads of Dior Paris.




Currently, I'm in the composing process of my next EP for which I seek your help. Indeed, I would have the opportunity to make a release in vinyls and cd's with a studio sound quality. I consider this future EP as an important step in my musical project because I particularly want to take time to produce, make it deeper and more intense in emotions and in the same time, keeping the dreamy world that do what I am.  

If you are interested, I invite you to visit my links and discover a little bit more about me. I am at your disposal if you want to ask me questions and / or discuss: iamharing (at) !


My EP "Nowadays"



"Canopée" (extract from Nowadays EP)



Ad Dior Paris with my song "Us"



My EP "Dust Above Mountains" (2013)



My links:






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- Studio mastering

- SABAM costs (rights management company)

- Graphic design

- Vinyls

- CD's

- Promotion with a musical promotion agency

- Merchandising (Tote bag + stickers)

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