Help me record the first album of MAGNOLIA (EP)

Help finance MAGNOLIA's first album. The heart-moving, both rejecting and attracting music - decide for yourself.

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Help me record the first album of MAGNOLIA (EP)



MAGNOLIA Project born in my mind as a big vision of creating emotional and heart-touchy music and spreading it to the world.


The project is called MAGNOLIA because I fell in love with the beauty of the flower of Magnolia and its gentleness. In the word Magnolia, as a name of the band, I can also feel something unusual, elusive, mysterious and making me feel: “what the heck?”.


My dream is to stand on the stage and forget about myself, to become pure music and share with people the direct flow of emotions from my heart.


I have several years experience with music. I’ve started to play the guitar at high school. My first concerts were there. That was the time when, thanks to music, I met my first girlfriend with which I had spent the next five years of my life.


With my first band I’ve done a few dozens of concerts on different size of stages. I was a creator of most of riffs. I took my very first inspirations from Metallica, Nightwish and CoB.


Now, I feel that my music is more deep and filled with real emotions taken from my own suffering, natural highs and the things which I can perceive in the world.


I really desire to sink into the stage and the hearts of people that can be willing to show up on my performances.



Here is the most important part, you can listen to my tracks in MIDI format here:


Magnolia's music touches different levels of emotions. From a mysterious, unknown journey with "White Walker" (Bialy Wedrowiec), through encouraging call for love in " I'm comin' " (Nadchodze), up to deep suffering after realizing a harm done to oneself in "Replaced".


There are few reasons why I need that professionally recorded EP. The most important is that no-one will take me seriously with music done only in MIDI format. I need it also for:

1. Sharing my music online with you

2. Sending it to music agents, producers, to festivals, contests, radio and TV

3. Having an opportunity to sell it in both physical and digital form

4. Sharing it with my family and friends

5. And last but not least: I’d like to have it – my own EP – lying on my shelf in my room.


What you will fund exactly:

1. Recording 6 tracks with mix/mastering – 1000 euro

2. Hiring musicians for the record – about 200

3. CD graphic cover – about 30-50 euro

4. Operation costs including fuel, transportation etc. - up to 100 euro


I would really love to do record it and share it with you. Help me achieve this goal!


Best Regards,


Allocation of funds

I've never been good at asking someone for help. In my nature lays a principle: go and do what's your duty. So let me be straight, the only reason you should fund it is the way my music moves you somehow.


You can check it here:


If this is true, let me present it for you with voice and professional arrangement.


Best Regards,


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