Help us to go First time on The Fair with Achote Handicrafts

First Experience on The Fair in France to promote totally new brand of Bio Jewels and support local markets of indigenous latinamerican women

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Help us to go First time on The Fair with Achote Handicrafts

Hi! I am a founder of new handicraft brand  made from Natural Seeds and often combined with high quality czech glass beads and an inspiration came from many travels and discovering expeditions to Latin America and its indigenous communities, especially to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Getting known all cultural diversity in the heart of exhuberant nature of Amazonian rainforest and Andes mountains offered me an insight to many different natural products - especially to the Seeds coming from different kind of trees, but beside that also current situation of local people and many indigenous women who struggle with contemmporal globalized culture and poverty which is connected with the contamination and invaded by the contemporary culture.


I let myself inspired and started to create Bio - Jewels made from natural Seeds coming from different regions of Latin America. Part of them I collect seeds by myself going to the rivers, steep hills or Amazonian rainforest, but big part of seeds I buy from indigenous people directly and for some of them it can be good opportunity to earn money and get out from their poverty by keeping their traditional way of living.


I have chosen this Fair Salon des Créateurs in France, because of its quality and I beleive it is really good beginning of the spreading the brand. There are four different cities in different dates, so depends how much and how quickly I would be able to recollect money in order to participate on one or maximum on two of them. Also among the other Fairs it is the cheapest one I found, as the proffesional Fairs are extremely expensive. All the rewarded offered items are unique as the jewels I am creating due to its material which is originally Bio one and unique - you will never find the same Seeds, so all the handicrafts are always just of one piece. This may be also a small problem for some clients, who would like to have some exact pieces which can be hardly produced twice with the same look, but I can always try!! :)


Other Ways You Can Help

I am glad and  so gratefull for any kind of help you want to give: for example to share my facebook page amongst your contacts is already big step: Achote - Natural BIO latin-american handicrafts to wear beauty and I am very grateful for this!




















Allocation of funds


As creating new brand I found it very difficult to start and get quality clients, so I found the possibility in participating on one or two Handicraft Fairs as really good way how to start. If I get clients I need more Seeds and in the near future as the second step I am planning to create an Association of Women in Latin America starting in Peru with indigenous women from the community Shipibo and in Ecuador with indigenous women from the community Chachi and Tsáchilas who will within Fair Trade produce and sell their natural sources - Seeds as the Handicraft material.


So if you would like to contribute and help me to participate on the Handicraft Fair in France at Salon des Créateurs, the brand can emerge, and very possibly in the near future I can hopefully continue to work with many latinamerican indigenous women and create for them solid platform and space for their handicraft work. 

As I have mentioned before the Fair takes place in four different cities in France (Colmar, Annecy, Lyon and Dijon) and it is happening in different dates (from October till December), so depends how much and how quickly I would be able to recollect money in order to participate on one or maximum on two of them.


Also among the other professional Fairs it is the cheapest one and the amount which I present here covers just one Fair in one city and it is the minimum amount for participating, including fees for the registration and smallest rented space of 4m² for the Fair.


Here are the fees  and the budget for one Fair application:

- Required  fee for all stands: 125 € 

- Stand basic equipment fee (white wooden partitions freestanding, ground gray resin, electrical,connection, racks + hangers): 550 €

- The registration fees, the order ID ART: 180 €


The fees are basic ones and other ones like marketing and promotion fees I am not mentioning and not including in the budget, although they are very helpfull, they are not obligatory for the participation on the Fair. But of course, in case I get more then a limit amount for this campaigne I will use it for another Fair or for those additional fees in order to make it more succesfull. In any case I will be gratefull for the possibility to participate if I reach a goal with your big big help :)!


If you would like to donate 600 € and more, you are automatically invited to the indigenous community in Ecuador, where we are heading in the first part of 2017 again and live an authentic experience within 3/4 weeks and knowing that you will be treated like a part of the community and not as a tourist. (This fee is a donation for the needs of the indigenous community itself  and it will be also transparently prooved to you. So the amount will not be used as a donation for ACHOTE Handicrafts, it also means you need to pay your tickets and other fees, but when you are inside of the community, everything will be arranged like an accomodation and local food for free, also ceremonies). Before you decide to donate for this opportunity, please contact me first  for further detailed information to have all facts before you make a decision.






 Me and 102 years old Shipibo grandmother




Shipibo woman selling her handicrafts on the local market in the comunity




Two Shipibo women while they are creating their jewels and handicrafts from natural seeds - Peru






Ucayali river in the area of Shipibo communities - Peru




Searching for the seeds and helping to indigenous people in Ecuador  to collect fruits 




Seeds from the palm trees




View from the top of the hill on the indigenous community in Ecuador





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